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    General & Others Sea Battles are dead and gone... so says Oda

    Well I miss watching Garp throw cannon balls :kayneshrug:
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    General & Others If you were Sengoku what would have been your plan at Marineford ?

    Probably try to get the admirals more in the show. They could have done more.
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    Muda muda mudaaa

    Muda muda mudaaa
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    JoJo is greatness

    JoJo is greatness
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    Villain Arena

    It will be my team vs yours at the end of this onslaught my best friend :zosmug:
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Waiting Room

    The Full Squad :steef:
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    Fanclub Charlotte Family/Big-Mom Pirates FC

    Guess it depends on how much they would be in danger lol XD I suppose not so much during war time
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    Villain Arena

    @Chrono Trigger triggering them all :cheers:
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    Count to 120 before an admin shows up.