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    Questions & Mysteries Will Hawkins and Apoo get defeated together like Jack and Pero???

    They are already defeated but Oda didn't bother to show it.:josad::josad:
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    Chapter Discussion If Momo can make Kaidou scream in pain, Sanji owns him

    And by the End of Wano, Sanji = Queen. It means, a bite of momo would also put Sanji in a grave. :bamathink::hope:
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    General & Others Oda just does not care anymore

    Couldn't agree more. Just few chapters back, he was trembling by fear and crying like a bitch and now is hurting KAIDO.
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    Future Events Oda has made ZKK IMPOSSIBLE to avoid in chapter 1026

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    Future Events Luffy will not finally have a rival of his level like Roger with Garp or Whitebeard

    Lol WB formed his crew after God Valley, while, we are almost at the end of the series. There is no way Kid/law can come closer to Zoro and Luffy.
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    Current Events All Stars vs Wings fight length

    2 chapters for Vinsmoke Sanji + Franky vs Queen. 2 Chapters for Zoro vs King
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    Jack was strong.😥😥

    Jack was strong.😥😥
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    First time you ever find out about Porn?

    Did he do anything with you after that? :josad::josad:
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    Chapter Discussion ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1026: CRUCIAL TIME

    - My point is what was the need to grow him up? - What the fuck is mature fruit? - If Loda really wanted to grow him up then why didn't he put some restrictions on Toki's DF? - why did she only use it on Lomo? Why not on the others? - What was the need of Yamato? - he just keeps introducing new...
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    Chapter Discussion ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1026: CRUCIAL TIME

    Chapter 1: grow up by the ass. Chapter 2: Transform into a dragon. Chapter 3: Bites the WSC, who has been hyped for years. I didn't know that speeches can make you strong.