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    One Piece Episode 1027 - Defend Luffy! Zoro and Law's Sword Technique

    This episode is weird, but i liked how broken bones zoro almost cut in half Kaido
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    Powers & Abilities Haki surpassing everything killed the "other" Strawhats growth

    True, 21yr zoro is stronger than kaido, and this man has only haki and power, asura broken bones zoro pre power up bested hybrid kaido. Imagine now, healed, stronger, after pu, 2 yr training with baboons were enough. The power of haki scary if you are main character.
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    Chapter Discussion Chainsawman

    Fk midsawman
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    General & Others Why were the yonkos(BM and Kaido) disappointing

    They are weak and got killed by rookies
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    Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room

    Im here for spoilers
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    If Kanki dies, Shin should die also