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    It is worring he disappeared like that. Give us a sign if you can JDB.

    It is worring he disappeared like that. Give us a sign if you can JDB.
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    Questions & Mysteries How was Kizaru planning on stopping Kaido & BM?

    The only logic thing to was what the CP0 is doing right now. Wait for the 2 allaiances to bleed each other out and then step out and take on the wounded winner. Take them head on would have just been a meaningless sacrifice of an admiral.
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    Anime & Manga Question to Zoro stans

    First I have to see Law or Kidd tank an hakai or give a scar to Kaido. Or something on that level.
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    Character Discussion Would Doflamingo be stronger if...

    I doubt it but I guess at this point we will never know for sure.
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    Powers & Abilities super saiyan 4 is cooler and more original than every new form introduced in dragon ball super

    It is funny how back at that time GT was considered trash and not worthy to be the successor of DB and DBZ (even if everybody agreed SSJ4 was cool despite growing clothes out of nowhere) but now it is gold compared to super (and I 100% agree).
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    Questions & Mysteries Why do people still believe past arc fusions are relevant in current scaling?

    Even if Moro 73 easily oneshotted router login that is not a great feat. I would like too see him first beat DSS technology who is the base of power for 5G.
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    General & Others Will it be devastating to the series if a new crewmate displays more strength than Zoro and Sanji?

    It could even be possible Yamato is stronger than Zoro and/or Sanji for an arc but by EoS the SH trinity will be the same we had in the last decades. There is also the gold, silver and copper trinity to strengthen the concept.
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    Questions & Mysteries What devil fruit would suit Zoro?

    Any kind of df would ruin his dream but I guess Daz bones would be the best one.
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    Questions & Mysteries Sanjis regeneration

    From the deepest and darkest dephts of Oda's.. Mind. Same place as Luffy meat regeneration, Zoro's magic medicine and so on.
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    Questions & Mysteries Vegapunk vs Judge, who Best scientist

    I thought Sanji fans would be at least a bit mad at this. At this point it doesn't even matter the user, give the RS and exoskeleton to Usopp and he will put up a fight with Queen too. Shouldn't be better to hype Sanji own power and try to fight vs these free meals he is given? He is less and...
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    General & Others Oda is not paying attention

    It depends. Imo there will be an admiral, CP0 act solo or in small groups in crucial secret missions. Now they are trying to conquer a strong nation so an army is needed and that army needs a leader so probably an admiral. Also magically they were shaking thinking about Kaido and BM allaiance...
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    General & Others Who is your top 3 character you want to see the action again ?

    Imo Oda is trying too much, as usual, to build up hype. At the beginning there was Dragon who never did anything but was the most wanted, father of the MC etc. Then Shanks, then Vegapunk then Gorosei.. Now in the post time skip he added Weevil but also Greenbull, then of course there is still...
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    General & Others Who is your top 3 character you want to see the action again ?

    Kuro I always find odd how all the early pre time skip villains simply disappeared fron the story. Anyway I don't give a damn about Arlong, don Krieg (or Gin lol), hand axe Morgan etc. But Kuro imo had some potential. Also he escaped just fine even seem wondering about what he did.. Anyway with...
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    Character Discussion Appreciation thread for Jack

    He is stupid but he is also a fighter who never gives up. He also doesn't get any love from Oda. We had chapters of BM yelling "weeding cakeee" while Jack didn't even get a named attack.