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    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday
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    Fanclub Islam Group

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    RIP Risitas

    RIP Risitas
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    Fanclub Islam Group

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    Questions & Mysteries Do you still believe Asura Is a Mode?

    What!? zoro blocks Kaido attacks and then does an attack of his own, does that seem like a single attack to you
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    General & Others If Zoro is in Sanji situation getting impaled by King and Sanji is in Zoro situation getting stabbed by Kamazo

    Zoro tanked a an attack from BM which dwarfs her attack on reiju meanwhile king did no damage to sanjis RS Zoro would have been unfazed by that attack
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    Speculations Who has a better chance of getting CoC Usopp or Sanji

    It won’t be a joke rather the culmination of his journey
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    Questions & Mysteries Why Zoro and Sanji can still get CoC (Specialist vs. User)

    Usopp wouldn’t compromise tho he’s just thinking about Namis life