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    Shiki Granbell vs Ichigo Kurosaki

    Shikis Gravity neutralized a Big Bang from Chronophage/Rebecca, it's so over for Ichigo.
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    Chapter Discussion Tower of God Season 3 - Chapter 211

    Traumerei vs Gustang is a fight between two guys who in their deepest mind don't want to kill each other and so halfassed the effort of these two feels. Of course the sea dragon also takes a L again, what a surprise.
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    Euro 2024!!! Kicktipp

    Idk why you focus on Havertz so much while Nagelsmann keeps giving egoshooter Sane playing time who can't do good teamplays in any of the matches so far nor was he ever good at finishing. Literally overrated as hell player for many years. Also Emre Can doesn't really fit into the kind of...
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    Anime Discussion [Spring 2024] Anime Seasonals - General Discussion

    Because slice of life & drama + all MCs being girls while all that todays average anime enjoyer wants is battle shonen or isekai action.
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    Quite funny when a MAGA cultist talks about being "led by Emotions" and skews my message to something i never wrote, you guys always deliver to make me laugh. Again, Trump is barely much better in this regard, but you cultists are selective af and excuse everything your Idol does. It's a...
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    Controversial THE LEFTIST LIBRARY

    Whoever thinks changing womens roles in society, feminism (anti-feminism pretty much the main crusade of todays far-right alongside immigration) and contraceptives is the only or main reason for the decline in births is a simpleton, but it's not a surprising belief from a AFD lover. Heck, Japan...
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    Euro 2024!!! Kicktipp

    Own goal too OP, pls nerf
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    Controversial Is it okay to not care about politics?

    She was a parliamentary politician indeed for 4 years until 2021, then got back to her job in judiciary service but was still part of the party until she got exposed.
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    Versus Battle Rayquaza (Pokemon) vs Kaidou

    Rayquazas AP/DC is so much better (as shown by other posters) it offsets whatever Durability advantage Kaido may have, so Rayquaza 10/10 times.
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    Versus Battle Which manga has the worst fight choreography in the Big 3

    One Piece in this aspect and its honestly not even close, also Bleach clears this category easily as Shasha said (especially Anime)
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    Why Enne zahard in my opinion is perfect for baam

    Honestly agreed and my confidence isn't exactly high that SIU can write romantic relationships well.
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    It's always projection from these people and i would only laugh about these guys if they were not about to ruin their country and so many peoples lives like their similar ilk in other countries who voted Bolsonaro, Orban and so on into power.
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    Why Enne zahard in my opinion is perfect for baam

    Rachel was never a romantic love tho, more like a sister or even mother figure. I sincerely doubt Baam even now knows what romantic love is nvm when he was trapped in a cave.
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    Copa America

    I only saw the "highlights" and damn that game was horrible, hopefully tonights matches are better.
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    Boring ass answer as expected from the MAGA cultist, you guys truly live in a alternate reality.