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    Speculations One of the Numbers is the missing Ace card

    I don't think it would make sense to introduce a character stronger than King or Queen right know. They've been built up as Kaido's strongest henchmen since the beggining of the arc, and the two that will defeat them were hyped up as the "stars". To scrap all of that just to show us someone...
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    Questions & Mysteries Rank the Straw Hat Crew

    1. Zoro 2. Luffy 3. Robin 4. Sanji/Nami 5. Nami/Sanji 6. Usopp 7. Chopper 8. Brook 9. Franky 10. Jinbei
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    Character Discussion Rank the Worst Generation (not including Luffy, Zoro and Teach) by how much you like them.

    1. Law: most developed character on this list, cool design, cool DF, nice backstory; 2. Kidd: cool design, a lot of willpower, ambicious and determined; 3. Bonney: cool design, hax DF, and I'm also very curious about her role in the story; 4. Drake: double agent, cool mythical Zoan; 5. Killer...
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    Character Discussion What are your thoughts on Robin vs Black Maria?

    It was a good fight. Robin deserved a 1v1 after more than a decade of being sidelined. Cool aspects of the fight: - Emotional weight: seeing Saul, Professor Clover and Olvia; being called a burden to her friends; - Scenario: it just looked so cool to see the whole room engulfed in flames with...
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    Future Events If Zoro beats Mihawk in a fight, doesn't that mean he was the WSS before the fight not after the fight?

    I believe they are going to start the fight as equals, with Zoro growing stronger as they battle.
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    Break Week .

    It's crazy the level of delusion some people here have. There was no way Queen was ever going to have a higher bounty than King.
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    Break Week One piece theories in 2005

    Back then a 700 million berry bounty was something out of this world lmao