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  1. garciajulieen

    Character Discussion What could Usopp's Kingly Ambition be if he'll have CoC?

    A sniper with Coc coating, now that's sick
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    Break Week Question for One Piece people

    Well when you are being an outlaw, you have to do crimes in order to survive, since you cant have a normal job to live. :kayneshrug:
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    Break Week Question for One Piece people

    Because if you live under a rotten government and being treated as a slave by them, then the best option is to be an outlaw. :kayneshrug:
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    Speculations Law Awakening Conquerors Haki Against Big Mom

    I like your idea about Law getting FS. That would be reaaaallly OP
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    General & Others Which Pirate Crew did you get?

    I am on board the pirate king's ship!!!! :crocusuh:
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1032 Spoilers Discussion

    CP0 Vs Drake and Apoo! Now this is interesting!
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    Character Discussion Feat Uzumaki Khan - Why Big Mom is a Poorly Written Character with Terrible Portrayal

    You are actually making very good points in all of your comment, and i appreciate it a lot. Cheers for that :cheers: But there are also some big flaws in the way she is written that is hard to ignore at least for me : 1. She literally hires Cæsar for the gigantification project which is one...
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    Powers & Abilities How could Kizaru's awakening look like?

    Probably just a lot of lasers from everywhere instead of from his own body. Or one massive explosion.
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    General & Others We have to stop saying that Kid and Law are Luffy's Shiki and Whitebeard

    Kidd and Law can't be compared to Whitebeard and Shikki. Their personality are different, their goal are different, their will are different, there is nothing similar among them. :kayneshrug:
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    General & Others Doflamingo is the best written villain in all manga and this is why

    Wait until Crocoboy's full backstory and he'll be top 1 villain ever :kata:
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    General & Others Biggest frauds in OP world?

    1. Big mom -> How come a mentally ill hag become a Yonko? Any faction can make her dead just by forcing her to be on her 'motherly mode' or hunger tantrum. 2. The revolution army -> the only faction that directly oppose the WG has its top members with ridiculously low bounty. Hopefully Dragon...
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    Anime & Manga What?!

    This is amazing discovery of the century! :finally:
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    Chapter Discussion "I got Something to Look Forward" [CH1031]

    Idk why everyone is taking this as a reason to downplay one and another character. In my opinion, this is actually another level of trust shown by both Zoro and Sanji. Sanji personally take down his own pride and giving that much of trust to Zoro to stop him and even Zoro cheer Sanji up by...
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    General & Others I feel sorry for those who don’t understand One Piece, especially One Piece fans

    I agree with everything you say. You might interested with this thread : But sadly, in this forum 90% users are only interested in whose muscle is bigger than the other and nothing else.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers Discussion

    WIDD AND WAW :finally: Is this a hint that Luffy will also get his awakening this arc? :zorothink: