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    Future Events Who Will Defeat King?

    Zoro of course.
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    Character Discussion Zoro is already WSS

    That is not what happened. Katakuri beat future Sight Luffy up so Bad he could barely move afterwards while Kaido 1-shot a Luffy who did not use future Sight. Any way it is not just about the Results I am talking about but also the way commanders are always Treated like major factors as long as...
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    Character Discussion Zoro is already WSS

    I understand that but what reason is there to assume King can't do the same stuff or something comparable? If King really had "nothing" Then how is he Kaido's first mate? Did Katakuri have "nothing" against Luffy? Did Marco, Jozu and Vista have "nothing" against Kizaru, Aokiji and Mihawk? You...
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    Character Discussion Zoro is already WSS

    We will See. I am not sure that is really the case. Remember how Oda portrayed Marco, Jozu, Vista in marineford? Or how Katakuri was being portrayed? Now why would it be different for the carbon copy Zoro of the beast pirates...? You assume King is weak based on head Canon. 1618154370 And that...
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    Character Discussion Zoro is already WSS

    That Reputation is kinda sullied now that Killer 1-hit him and Zoro goes down to Kaido before anyone else.
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    Character Discussion Zoro is already WSS

    That is a ridiculous belief. King is Kaido's right Hand. The same way Zoro is Luffy's. It makes no sense that Kaido would be >Luffy but Zoro>>>>King in an arc in which both will get to fight a 1on1 against those two. Commanders ain't no joke like that.
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    Theory A theory about Asura

    I still believe it is related to cursed swords. Otherwise where is their purpose? Can't See this being cotc and I doubt ashura is what Kaido was referring to. It is more likely that it was enhancing asura and Kaido felt that.
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    Saibaman (Dragon Ball) vs Yetti (Dragon Ball)

    That Episode was so cruel.. First they save them and then when the pair find each other they get blown up. Wtf toei.:josad:
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    Questions & Mysteries Waaait a minute... Coincidence or is there a connection? :wonderland:
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    Speculations Zoro is not gettin a big bounty after this arc

    He got an increase of 200 Million to 320 Million basically for cutting up a mountain and a Haki User. And for being the right Hand man of Dressrosa's savior I suppose. CP-0 is also present in this Arc so everything he has done is likely to Be taken into consideration. Cutting Kaido, Helping...
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    Character Discussion Shanks - the man that the Gorosei and Sengoku deeply respect and listen to

    No one who reads the story with open eyes truly believes that guy works for the government. It is either wishful thinking or a cope.
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    Future Events When Kidd kills Big Mom how will the community react?

    It is delusional to believe that everything Luffy says will happen exactly that way and that the story will insert a Big Mom Arc after giving her plenty of screen time already over the course of 2 different arcs. Again the Manga does not Revolve only around Big Mom and Smoothie and she has...
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    Future Events When Kidd kills Big Mom how will the community react?

    What makes you so sure? Someone has to take care of Big Mom eventually and it is doubtful that it is all gonna be Luffy's doing. So you can't rule That out just yet.
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    Future Events When Kidd kills Big Mom how will the community react?

    Junk piece is believing everything Revolves around Big Mom and Smoothie. So go project yourself onto someone else somewhere else.
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    Questions & Mysteries Kaido dodged Luffy's Red, Did Kaido underestimate Zoro's Asura?

    Yooooo you are right! That makes asura even more Op than it looked already at first! :christindeed: 1618135547 That is a looot of head Canon. First of all Zoro was not saying his attack power is irrelevant, he was saying their efforts seemed irrelevant. That includes the Attacks of your...
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    Powers & Abilities Is Coby the strongest marine observation haki user after Issho?

    IMO 2. or Kizaru's observation Haki should be very advanced too as the "Sanji" Among the Logia admirals so I could See him above Coby.
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    Future Events When Kidd kills Big Mom how will the community react?

    I will think to myself "yeah as expected." Kid is portrayed as more relevant than Law and Law got plenty of great feats while Kid just got Involved in the story so it won't be shocker if he pulls that off now. It makes sense.
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Zoro done with Kaido?

    Bro this IS near EOS. How can some people still not Realize this? Oda Himself told us this already. There are at most 3 arcs left after wano. He said this 2 years ago when Wano began and even says Shanks will make his move...