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  1. Chessaddict

    General & Others Jinbei is more of a parental figure to luffy than even garp or shanks.And i think he's the best

    Come on,think about it,jinbei was the one who got luffy though his hardest hours and was able to knock some sense into him.Sure,garp trained luffy and "raised" him and shanks saved his life but none of them was able to provide luffy with any actual emotional support.The bond luffy and jinbei...
  2. Chessaddict

    Questions & Mysteries A question about Nikyu Nikyu no Mi's potential.

    So kuma's devil fruit allow him to essentially repels anything that come in contact with his paws My question is if that power has the potential to create blackholes? Since theoretically if you compressed something into a tiny,tiny volume it can become a blackhole.We have already seen him do...