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  1. Edogawa

    Speculations Luffy and Zoro will end Kaido's hype

    Kaido is renowned for 2 particular things: In 1 on 1 always bet on Kaido Kaido cannot be killed Oda intends for Luffy and Zoro to be the ones who will crush Kaido's hype. Luffy will defeat Kaido in 1 on 1 Zoro will kill Kaido Effectively showing that Kaido can lose in 1 on 1 and that he...
  2. Edogawa

    Powers & Abilities How does Naruto power level compare with One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail?

    I'm talking about on average. I know the Naruto god tiers are an exception, but other characters like Hashirama, BSM Naruto, Akatsuki members and Kages? How do they compare with Espada and Captains (Bleach), Yonkos, Admirals and commanders (One Piece), Spriggan 12 (Fairy Tail) In my opinion, I...