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  1. Rokayder

    Questions & Mysteries Crews of Roger revealed

    I just Saw Oda revealed crews of the pirate king, beside rayleigh, gaban, crocus, Shanks, and buggy. In SBS the total of Roger's crew are 28 people on Roger's ship. I think they are really strong because they have less number compared to the yonkou. I think many of them high tier and mid tier...
  2. Rokayder

    Future Events Spoiler - Many Predictions come true

    Okay, guys, I decided to make this thread. I do not know if there is any before. My friends told me before and I found it on Facebook (posting date: January 2016) about the spoilers of One Piece. Here I Copied it: Right on April 9, 2009, there was a mysterious figure who gave a leak about the...
  3. Rokayder

    What did you do daily in your home in this Corona crisis?

    Okay everyone. This is a really difficult time for all of US, we know this is the world crisis. And the tag #stayathome is the one which Will save humanity. So I want to ask all of you, what did you do in this crisis? For me, my institution where I work was closed due to this Corona outbreak...