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    Design Battle #6 : Iba Tetsuzaemon ( Bleach ) versus Blueno ( One Piece )

    Iba Tetsuzaemon ( Bleach ) versus Blueno ( One Piece )
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    Design Battle #5 : Konan ( Naruto ) versus Winry Rockbell ( Fullmetal Alchemist )

    Konan ( Naruto ) Versus Winry Rockbell ( Fullmetal Alchemist )
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    Design Battle #4 : Milotic / Milobellus ( Pokemon ) versus Katakuri ( One Piece )

    Milotic / Milobellus ( Pokemon ) versus Katakuri ( One Piece )
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    Design Battle #2 : Sasuke ( TAKA - Naruto ) versus Mugen ( Samurai Champloo )

    Sasuke ( TAKA - Naruto ) Versus Mugen ( Samurai Champloo ) 🌴🌴🌴
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    General & Others Why the Marine give a F**K about the World Government, the Gorosei and the World Noble ?

    This question IS IS and re IS a stupid one. Why ? Because it's the same as : why the evil guys are evil ? Why Orochimaru is evil ? But I'm asking because I, and let's face it, WE have the time, and because why do ABSOLUTE JUSTICE aka Akainu would be the Dog ( lol ) of parodied mostly dumb...
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    General & Others If Naruto was to be incapacitated, who would be the next in line to be Hokage ?

    I like the idea of a Naruto having to fight without Kurama ( while I like Kurama ) : > 4X Kakashi Chakras because Uzumaki > Kage Bushing > Rasengan (s) > Toads > Sennin Mode > Strategies > Technology : Prosthetic Hand Absorbing Jutsu > And some novelty ! ( Uzumaki Sealing Jutsu, his father...
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    Versus Battle Design Battle #1 : Nimaiya Ôetsu ( Bleach - Division 0 ) Versus Shikamaru Nara ( Naruto - Boruto - Version Adulte )

    Nimaiya Ôetsu ( Bleach - Division 0 ) Versus Shikamaru Nara ( Naruto - Boruto - Version Adulte )
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    Concerning Lisa and Milhouse

    I love the Simpsons from a long time. In most of the episode focused on the future of the family, Lisa end up with Milhouse, without Milhouse seemingly making enough efforts to gain Lisa heart. Is Lisa & Milhouse a good ending ? Personally I am not fond of it. ✳️🎼❤️
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    Questions & Mysteries Did Rocks D. Xebec had the Mera Mera no mi ?

    Very simple, all in the title. His flag is a skull on fire, why would this be his flag if he was not related to it ? Plus, it would mean that he died in the island where Ace and Masked Deuce got the fruit. And Luffy last attack, Rock was on fire. Could be a pun related.
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    Powers & Abilities Giving power level to Main Characters using ranks scale from my headcanon, feel free to write idiotic headcanon here too ! 🌴🌴🌴

    How strong were the main character in the Manga Naruto ? Data : > Rock Lee Gates opening was said to allow him to greatly improve his strength > Rock Lee and Gaara fighted Kimimaro who was able to keep Hugo under control and was later resurrected giving a hard time to Mifune and his men along...
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    Powers & Abilities How Weapons and Fruit have/had an impact on the biggest potentials of the Manga

    I saw Luffy, Ace, Sabo, Garp, Roger, Mihawk and Kuina having the biggest potentials in my opinion. How fruit and swords had an impact on their peak strenght ? Would Garp been stronger with a fruit ? Would Luffy and Ace be weaker without one ? What do you think ? 🐜
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    Future Events If Onigashima battle is only the first part of the war, and the capital the second, who do you think will face who ?

    If there is only one part to Wano war, each relevant member of the crews will get 1 or 2 matches max. But If there are 2 part of this war, people like Zoro, Sanji, Luffy, Jack, and the others can very well get 2 or 3 ( or even 4 ) relevant matches. Like Zoro could face King in the first part...
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    General & Others How can One Piece fights last so long ? Hours or days ?

    Strongest One Pieces characters fight super fast but their battle last hours or days : I will convert in more suiting length. Luffy - Cracker : 11 hours -> 1 hour 30 minutes Luffy - Katakuri : 11 hours -> 1 hour Aokiji - Akainu : 11 Days ? -> 30 minutes Roger crew - Whitebeard crew : 3 days ->...
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    Chapter Discussion Next chapter today. I'm super excited.

    Usaa ! 1603207043 As you know, Boruto chapter 51.
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    General & Others Write your One Piece Movie

    A creative exercise. Write what you can and more importantly what you want ! Even a few characters and a few lines of an incomplete story do the job, a title, a subject. Don't hesitate to put fan characters, pictures, anything. 🌞🌞🌞🌞
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    Powers & Abilities How intelligent are One Piece Characters ?

    1. This is not a IQ test : an IQ test is about verbal, memory, calculus, visuo-spatial, logical, musical ?, Kinesthetic ?, Emotional ?, Concentration ?, Correlation ?, ... Abilities. 2. This is NOT referring about what Oda tell and told us. Why ? Because Chopper is a doctor, but outside of...