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  1. Rednick

    Current Events Would you be happy with Luffy defeating Kaido here?

    I personally think kaido will remain the absolute strongest (or second strongest, depends on how strong eos luffy will be). I dont see luffy getting much stronger after wano. Only thing to expect is awakening which lasts only for a small amount of time and thus you cant rely on it. So if luffy...
  2. Rednick

    Current Events The Anime revealed the 1% Man

    Agree 100%. Oda forgets staff from times to times. Anime made the right choice and revealed it. The grenade part was pretty good too.
  3. Rednick


    Ι dont get all these positive votes. The chapter was awful. Only thing kept me interested was the cp9 spnvs confrontation. Oda must get his shit together bc, aside of 1031, last chapters have been pretty mediocre.
  4. Rednick

    Why gt is a better sequel to dbz then dbs.

    Gt showed us some very cool things(ss4, cool character designs, cool villains-shin shenron who imo is by far the coolest dragonball villain ever) but it contained many(and i mean it) MANY awful things too( Kid goku, zero development for any character not named goku, atmosphere that didnt match...
  5. Rednick

    General & Others Top 5 Favourite Characters

    Top 5 (with no specific order): Rasa(idk i just like his golden dust, wish we saw him more). Obito(like he design and abilities although he is a crying bitch). Tobirama(no need to explain). Yagura(cool abilities, cool tailed beast) Roshi(same as yagura). Kiba would be on this list too if he...
  6. Rednick

    General & Others We have to stop saying that Kid and Law are Luffy's Shiki and Whitebeard

    To be fair the top spvs go as far as luffy goes. Before wano all of them except luffy seemed far weaker than a 1st yc. Now after luffy's training in udon suddenly kid, zoro and law caught up with them(1st ycs) to the point that they can actually hurt a yonko. When luffy defeats kaido all 3 of...
  7. Rednick

    Questions & Mysteries Zoro’s left eye opening in the next 3 chapters?

    Zoro's eye opening if it happens, will be the biggest bs in the history of the manga. So lets pray it will never happen.
  8. Rednick

    Future Events How would you end the series?

    In the last chapter I would have im fighting the straw hats and it would be revealed that the former is the revive revive no mi user. Then im would revive roger whitebeard ace monet vergo noland higuma and pedro but all of them would defy and kill im and have a huge banquet with the straw hats...
  9. Rednick

    Powers & Abilities super saiyan 4 is cooler and more original than every new form introduced in dragon ball super

    Ss4 is obviously the best ss tranformation ever. And i think most fans agree with this. Problem with gt is that it had some extraodinary things(shenrons, ss4, actually decent designs) and some awful ones as well(story didnt make sense, kid goku, piccolo's death, no character development aside...
  10. Rednick

    One Piece Chapter 1030: The Impermanence of All Things

    This chapter was easily one of the worst in wano. We hadnt seen drake and apoo for 20 chapters, only to see them having another meaningless boring conversation. All this absence for nothing. And half body kinemon has returned. Really oda? We also have to accept that Kanjuro and apoo just cant...
  11. Rednick

    How do you deal with depression??

    It depends. You are talking about clinical depression which is a disorder or the casual light version that all people suffer from, from times to times? If its the first, it takes many years(at least a decade) to overcome it. So you cant truly deal with it, just ignore it as much as you can. If...
  12. Rednick


    Aside of he ridiculous panel with big mom sliching half dead kid and causing 0 damage, the chapter was pretty good. Oda seems to have an arm fetish. Kid, hawkins, law..... When is this madness going to end Oda? Its the perfect opportunity though, for a supernova to die. Hawkins should stay dead...
  13. Rednick

    General & Others Oda is not paying attention

    The main reason the marines couldnt risk attacking wano is kaido and big mom. Even if they could win somehow, the casualties would be huge. But if the two yonko are already defeated then the wg in combination with whatever marine forces are available right now could potentialy conquer the land...
  14. Rednick

    Questions & Mysteries If u were Luffy and u r forced to kick out 2 members of Straw hats who would they be????..

    Usopp and Brook. All the others are essential for crew's survival. -Zoro is the second strongest. Cant leave. -Sanji is one of the best cooks in the world and the only one in the crew. - Jinbei is hella strong and can be used as an underwater threat. Can also communicate with sea creatures...
  15. Rednick

    Character Discussion Why did Oda made Sanji say these?

    Why everyone in this forum always says things like "Oda did this or Oda did that, Oda made someone do this, Oda ....." He is the author and creator, everything obviously happen bc he wants them to happen. People act like he is a lunatic who tries to corrupt the perfect ideal characters of one...
  16. Rednick

    Questions & Mysteries Anyone remember this line?

    Not exactly thread related but it may be quite fascinating if oda actually follows the arc-culture theme like wano-japanese mythology, elbaf-nordic mythology and void century arc-greek mythology maybe(if we consider that the old kingdom is a reference to Atlantis which derives from the greek...
  17. Rednick

    Powers & Abilities If DJ Isn’t From Judge

    I personally dont have a problem with sanji's body development. On the contrary its a logical believable power up. And if diablo jambe is related to it, even better. It would be awful if sanji suddenly defeats queen just with the power of friendship. Now if the raid suit is just a plot device...
  18. Rednick

    One Piece Chapter 1028: Brachio Snake

    Great chapter 5/5. Lucci's return, marines potential invasion, yamato's zoan form, sanji's first actual power up since timeskip..... It seems oda will abandon the raid suit which is only makes sanji's character so much better.
  19. Rednick

    Powers & Abilities Marco Hybird

    But have we seen any actual zoan awakened users aside of the guards in impel down? Are queen jack king and kaido awakened?