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    Character Discussion Number 1,2 and 3

    What's your opinion on them? Are they stronger than the others? They look more serious imo, especially Inbi (Number 1,the one with the mustache) who looks pretty great.
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    Powers & Abilities Jack never showed haki on-screen

    Nor any named attack Let that sink in. Oda did him so dirty:josad:
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    Current Events When is Luffy going to be impressive?

    Not only bones broken Zoro did more damage to Kaido than Luffy, we now have Yamato who lasted much longer in 1 vs 1. What's next? Momo outpeform him too by dealing heavily damage to Kaido by giving him Oden PTSD? I'm the first to agree Luffy soloing a 100% healthy Kaido would be stupid, but...
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    General & Others Eiichiro Oda: "The story is in the final phase"

    From Redon, Arlong Park; >In the last promotional poster for One Piece Volume 100 launch, we can see Eiichiro Oda drawing One Piece chapter 1,010 name (chapter sketchs). >There's a sentence said by Oda about the story of One Piece too... >Eiichiro Oda: "The story is in its final phase"...
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    Future Events Will Big Mom pirates get involved in the battle?

    (There's also Snack in the anime) They are in the arc since almost 100 chapters yet outside Perospero they still have to do anything They could be used to give fights to straw hats that didn't get a real victory in a fight in this arc yet (like weaklings and Brook) and give Law and Kidd crew...
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    Current Events Which Topi Roppo impressed you the most so far?

    The title. Mind you, most impressive not always mean the strongest. For me it's Ulti, -Was about to push Luffy to pull G4 -Took Yamato version of Kaido's signature move and got up -Didn't toy around with her opponents -Was genuinely dangerous and threatening, about to kill straw hats a few...