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  1. Saikō No Kenshi

    Future Events Zoro Powerup Spoiler Alert! Chapter 1032+ Fake or Real?

    Well I just watched a German You Tubers Video. An official source who already spoiled Luffys RedHawk Attack Back in the days before it was canon in the Manga has now spoiled Zoros Powerup. There is even a picture of it. I don't know if I can post it here, but I'm 99% that this will be Zoros...
  2. Saikō No Kenshi

    Speculations Color Spread Ch. 985 Gear 5 foreshadowing?

    Look at this color spread from Chapter 985. There is Luffy dipicted with the Number "5" on his shoulder. Furthermore his trademark jeans is depicted with a Tiger Stripe pattern. So could it be that gear 5 is: Gear 5 Tiger Man ? Furthermore look at the graphics on his shirt, there's a...
  3. Saikō No Kenshi

    Theory This Theory is better than Yuderons

    Holy shit, I saw this video and this guy casually dropping a Theory that sounds better than Yuderons Theory that was delivered and shared by Ohara. This guy randomly starts the theory at 15:52 min. I like this Theory a lot, in my opinion even better than Yuderons Theory and I wanted to share...
  4. Saikō No Kenshi

    Character Discussion Kings Inspiration: Angel of Retribution.

    Well guys, I would like to share something I found on the deepest World Wide Web. I don't know if someone already posted it, but I think it's worthy to spread, because some people might missed that information. The titles of the Songs are the real deal in my opinion. I'm curious about your...
  5. Saikō No Kenshi

    Hello from Germany

    Hello, everyone, I am a huge One Piece Fan and I am happy to join this forum. For years I was a member of a forum that unfortunately also disbanded, RIP OJ. Your forum looks good and I hope to be able to philosophize and discuss a lot with you about One Piece. Shortly about my person if...