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  1. Brandon Lee

    Friendships and bond that should be explored deeper

    Goten and Trunks, it kind of reminds me of Gon and Killua, they should explore this friendship even deeper, it has potential. Also Gohan and The saiyan ladies from universe 6.
  2. Brandon Lee

    DBGT > DBSuper

    DBGT > DBSuper
  3. Brandon Lee

    General & Others 4-man squad

    Gaara - Long Distance and Tank Rock Lee - close combat Neji - Mid distance and close combat, strategist Kimimaro - Tank and mid distance fighter.
  4. Brandon Lee


    Thank you gais. i have never watched one piece before, but i will try to.
  5. Brandon Lee

    General & Others Top 5 Favourite Characters

    1.- Rock Lee 2.- Neji/Gai 3.- Gai / Neji 4.- Gaara 5.- Kimimaro
  6. Brandon Lee


    My name is Brandon, i'm 26 years old from México. I'm not a big fan of anime/manga to the point in which i consider myself to be an otaku, however these are my favorite animes along with my favorite characters: Monster - Johan Berserk - Guts DB - Gohan YYH - Yusuke and Yoko Kurama Naruto - Rock...