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  1. FloriGlori

    Versus Battle Sasori vs Orochimaru (Tenchi Bridge version)

    Don't feed the trolls, it's obvious Chiyou is a high-class fighter and they had advantages going into the fight. So if this is an actual plot scenario, does Orochimaru get support from Kabuto?
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    lol, so how is the HIV bow tie connected to this?
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    If you had to fight a horse sized Wasp what is your weapon of choice?

    Well, what are the rules here? Wasp the size of a horse obviosuly couldn't fly as fast. I'd use a flame thrower. Because I'm sure it doesn't need any advanced skill, just pull the trigger and burn that mofo!
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    Versus Battle 6th Tail Kyuubi Naruto vs. Pein w/o Tendou

    Was just wondering about this match up out of boredom. I think it's interesting, since it's basically one brute machine vs. 5 individually endlessly weaker guys with a very wide moveset & many combo options. So, what's you opinion on vs. ? Personally, I'm with Naruto on this one. Kyuubi is...
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    Probs for Sessousamaru + Rin content <3

    Probs for Sessousamaru + Rin content <3
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    Anime Discussion Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer

    Ooooff, so it's happening! :steef::steef::steef: Tbh, not quite sure about the animation, looks somewhat CGI'ish to me, but seems like they understood the underlying rock & metal vibe the series has. Damn tho, I was so hyped for some of the voice actors... think choosing the wrong voices is...
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    General Chat

    Phew, still feeling the speed afterglow. It's 4:25 a.m. where I'm at. Anything to get me distracted?
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    [FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 4 - Garou Mafia Line

    :josad: Will this madness ever stop...
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    Just a quick question, PLEASE DON'T SPOIL ME, I HAVEN'T READ ANYTHING IN THIS THREAD! Is 139 the final chapter? I thought I heard there's only three chapters left after 136. I'd like to finish the rest of AoT in one rush. When will 139 be published?
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    If You Could Kill Everybody, Would You??

    Oh, so I'm not supposed to die myself? Then nevermind lmao
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    If You Could Kill Everybody, Would You??

    I mean... do they feel it? Cuz if nobody feels or even remembers it, why not let it all end, right? ...right?
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    Izuna Uchiha Respect Thread

    Nice filler feats
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    Show Yourself V.2.

    Damn, I was too late...
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    Show Yourself V.2.

    Nice, where is that?
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    Show Yourself V.2.

    My man, try putting that pony up/to the side with some product, those eyebrows are too savage to be covered. :kata:
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    Versus Battle Mecha-Naruto vs Asura Path

    lmao, who are you fighting? I belong to no group and have no whatsoever agenda, aside from telling you that fillers =/= canon. I've nothing to say to any this.
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    Versus Battle Mecha-Naruto vs Asura Path

    lol, I'm not hating on anything, you can post your threads all you like. People simply won't participate, because unless the main plot coming from one mind in a more or less consistent fashion, fillers are mostly trash & inconsistent with the main plot. There's no such thing as needed evidence...
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    Versus Battle Mecha-Naruto vs Asura Path

    No discussion here. Officially published Manga & Databooks written by Kishimoto are canon. Anime fillers written by a studio aren't, whether you like their content or not.