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  1. FloriGlori

    Versus Battle 6th Tail Kyuubi Naruto vs. Pein w/o Tendou

    Was just wondering about this match up out of boredom. I think it's interesting, since it's basically one brute machine vs. 5 individually endlessly weaker guys with a very wide moveset & many combo options. So, what's you opinion on vs. ? Personally, I'm with Naruto on this one. Kyuubi is...
  2. FloriGlori

    Manga Discussion Chainsawman

    Anyone interested in this currently on-going series by the creator of Fire Punch? Should actually be widely heard of, considering it's published on mangastream. Me, I've completely fallen for it. I like the pacing and the progress of events, the characters are pretty well written (so intrigued...
  3. FloriGlori


    Hey guys, just here for a quick introduction. I'm Flo, 25, from germany, student. Spent plenty of time on narutobase back in my teens with Comrade, where I also met Bogard. Haven't been on any forums in a long time, but kinda spontaneously registered cuz Comrade mentioned it. Will probably try...