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  1. EtenBoby

    General & Others Volume 96 changes

    Most of these changes were found thanks to Peko As usual, magazine on the left, volume on the right. Pg18 chapter 965-patterns on the Orochi fruit Pg23 chapter 965-Rayleigh's scar Pg 31,81,92,99 VS -> vs. Pg84 chapter 969-color of character introduction boxes were changed Pg86 chapter...
  2. EtenBoby

    General & Others Changes made in Volume 95

    left magazine, right volume Some changes were found thanks to ペコ pg31 chapter 955: King Kong → Kanji: Great Monkey King(read as King Kong) pg33&35 chapter 955: さむらい(samurai in hiragana) → サムライ(samurai in katakana) pg39 chapter 955: Part of the woman’s face is shown in volume version pg52...
  3. EtenBoby

    News Former Editor Naito changed his mind regarding “5 years” issue

    Lol these editors In a recent Oricon interview, Naito referred back to this topic again, and it seems like he changed his mind. He states that “But if Oda-san asserts that it will end in 5 years, then I believe it’ll end in exactly 5 years. Looking at the current speed of development in 「Wano...
  4. EtenBoby

    News One Piece Stampede special Volume 10089

    Cover of the Volume 10089: Cover message: The number 10089 comes from the pronunciation of Expo in Japanese. OP currently has 93 volumes, so if we’re publishing 4 volumes a year, the other 9996 volumes would take 2499 years. Nothing is impossible in this world!! I can do it!! Volume 10089...
  5. EtenBoby

    News Former editor Naito’s response to OP ending in 5 years

    Regarding what Oda said about wanting to end OP in 5 years The former manga editor and the current media editor Naito said : “why did everyone believe that”, it’s not possible to end it in 5 years. It’s not that we want to drag anything, there’s just that many plots to deal with. There’s a ton...