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  1. Gargo

    Versus Battle Akatsuki Crépuscule : Match Numéro 1

    Tsunade, Hokage of Konoha, wants to take out Akatsuki for good. Jiraiya gathered nearly every information on Akatsuki members, but Konoha don't know about : -> Itachi Susano, Totsuka Blade, Yata no Mirror, Izanagi, Izanami -> Obito Izanagi -> Kisame ability to fuse with Samehada -> Sasori...
  2. Gargo

    General & Others Draw because your heart says so, Draw because your head says so. We want to see what wonder you will create /// Week One : Rocks D. Xebec

    All participation are thanked in advance. Simple : -> Every week a Mystery Character, or a Mystery form of character -> For Every week my thanks in advance for your contributions and your efforts -> Every week a Poll. You are free to enter the poll or not. 🗿 PLEASE. A Good person to take...
  3. Gargo

    Future Events Akainu, Kizaru and Aokiji

    J. Akainu is the "Marine" Marine he controls the Main Marine as a fleet Admiral and represent the plain Absolute, Strong Justice. Kizaru I think is the head of Cypher Pol 0 and all the other Cypher Pol agencies, he represent the Trouble Justice. Aokiji I think is the head of Sword, he...
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    Ivankov House : Welcome to everybody with Love.

  5. Gargo

    General & Others This is a time of Thruth. Who do you like ? Who do you defend against the haters ? Time to say your favorite character.

    Fanboys, Fangirls. Time to announce your particular appreciation of a character ( One Piece ), fictional beings living in drawing, in your imagination and in the collective culture. ☕ 🗿
  6. Gargo

    General & Others How strong was actually Yahiko ? Or was it his charism alone who was able to carry Akatsuki ?

    While Nagato and Konan later proven to have become heavy hitters, we don't know a lot about Yahiko fighting prowess. What is amazing is thinking that the guy could totally be Chunin level and leading Akatsuki. So in reminding of him, here a little post. 🏵️❤️
  7. Gargo

    Powers & Abilities Unimportant Thread : Categorizing Fruit Following their Usage / Efficacity in Battle

    Hello you coming on unimportant threads. Thanks for giving a chance to such Head-Canons Nonsense that will not bring a lot on One Piece Perception of Powers Tools. :kayneshrug: I will not call them by their names but by their User because I don't have an absolute Eidetic Memory. :kayneshrug...
  8. Gargo

    General & Others Off-Paneled Battles : The Thread

    A. List 🗿 Pre - Luffy Adventure : ---> Rocks vs Garp & Roger ---> Oden vs Ashura Douji ---> Roger vs Whitebeard ---> Blackbeard vs Shanks ---> Shiki vs Garp & Sengoku ---> Crocodile vs Whitebeard ---> Kaidou vs Moriah ---> Shanks vs Mihawk During Luffy Adventure : Pre-Time Skip --->Bon Kurei...
  9. Gargo

    General & Others What Original Character are you able to imagine that would fit The Straw Hats Adventure ?

    I'm speaking about Restaurant, Bar, Gardeners, Crews, Ex-Shchibukai. Just precise the Arc and hiw they interact with existing characters. Or explain what could happen in a spin-off Movie with your character ( with the Straw Hats, a Straw Hat as a main character ). ☕🌴🌴🌴 ❤️
  10. Gargo

    What did you expect of an Adult Konohamaru at first. What do hope for him now ?

    Konohamaru was annoying brat following Naruto around. Then Konohamaru was an annoying brat talented enough to master Rasengan and then to defeat a Pain with it. Now Konohamaru is 27 years old. He is both a Jōnin and the leader of Team 7 : Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki. Judging from both animes and...
  11. Gargo

    The Casual Chat : Boku no Hero - My Hero Academia, come Here and free your mind🌴

    As the title indicates this is a casual discussion thread, speak of whatever you want. But don't go overboard. Here is a space of free discussion, but a space of respect before all. In the doubt, Go Deku, All-Might with the language, not Bakugou. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ANIME & MANGA...
  12. Gargo

    Speculations How could Kaido fall.

    I am one of the guys ( I don't know if we are a lot ) who thinks that Kaidou today is the top of the peak of the strenght. And that he could or he could not, have beaten Prime-Whitebeard or Prime Roger. Probably not, Kaidou and Prime Roger / Prime Whitebeard are equal in my opinion, and I...
  13. Gargo

    Speculations Expect cruel realities by coming here. You don't watch your clock when you are in the show

    The clock. Tic tac. 180 chapters maybe until the end ? ->1150. 35 chapters a year x 5 .. Kind of Known elements : ____________* Straw Hats : Luffy. Has to fight : ++ Akainu + Shanks +++ Big Mom +++ Kaido +++ BlackBeard. . + Lucy + Enel 1. He has to become Pirate King 2. He has to discover...
  14. Gargo

    hello YOU, yes YOU, because I'm here to talk to YOUs

    Okama, Nakamas and Newcomers Hello I'm here to tell you : Theories, Bon Chan, Corazon, Avalo Pizarro, Ivankov, How Luffy is a particularly good shonen protagonist.