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  1. Edogawa

    Powers & Abilities Oda making his character's power more and more generic?

    This can be explained with 2 things Devil Fruits as a power system is one dimensional; instead of having a versatile powersets like Naruto/Bleach, you get a DF and only one ability killing the diversification The cast is bloated with too many filler characters who very often have DFs themselves
  2. Edogawa

    Current Events Oda's handling of the F6 and Jack is exceedingly weird

    All of this could have been avoided if Oda stopped creating filler characters who don't matter
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    General & Others I feel sorry for those who don’t understand One Piece, especially One Piece fans

    One Piece is written for children it's not that to misunderstand it
  4. Edogawa

    Questions & Mysteries Gorosei are a Fighters

    No one denies the likelihood of them being fighters. They are weaker than Admirals as the story told us multiple times
  5. Edogawa

    Questions & Mysteries For how long have you been following OP?

    Late 2018 Had finished plenty of animes and wanted to try it out since it was the most popular Not my favorite Navy
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    Powers & Abilities AdvCoA lost its impact after introducing AdvCoC.

    No, he won't solve it. To this day we don't even know how or when ACOA is used, since it has no physical features to show the readers. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Haki is a piece of garbage and worst power system out there
  7. Edogawa

    General & Others Do all of you still think this raid will fail?

    No, it won't fail. How do you guys call yourselves One Piece readers and not actually know how the arcs always finish? The Tobi Robbo are done. Jack is done. Hawkins is done. Queen and King will be wasted in couple of chapters, and Luffy will beat Kaido at the end. That's literally how every...
  8. Edogawa

    Current Events Do Unearned Powerups Destroy Tension In Storytelling?

    I think the main problem concerning Wano's power-creep was when Kaido 1-shotted Luffy, since it showed the gap was way too big and there was no coherent way for Luffy to close it within the same arc, but he did anyways via illogical reasons you listed. Had the 1st Kaido vs Luffy fight went on...
  9. Edogawa

    Questions & Mysteries Is Kurama actually stronger than the other Tailed Beasts?

    You can blame Kishi's fail on focusing too much on the MC and not exploring the other Bijus, considering how important they were in the plot
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    General & Others Poll, rate Wano so far

    0.1/5 Just another shitty recycled Arlong Park, Alabasta, Skypia, Dressrosa arc where an island is overtook by a villain and Luffy decided to beat him after befriending the locals. Repetitive outdated storytelling style. SMILES which was an important device of the story in the saga leading up...
  11. Edogawa

    Speculations Luffy and Zoro will end Kaido's hype

    Kaido is renowned for 2 particular things: In 1 on 1 always bet on Kaido Kaido cannot be killed Oda intends for Luffy and Zoro to be the ones who will crush Kaido's hype. Luffy will defeat Kaido in 1 on 1 Zoro will kill Kaido Effectively showing that Kaido can lose in 1 on 1 and that he...
  12. Edogawa

    General & Others Bounty Revelation of Significant Characters

    Only relevant bounties are Dragon, Mihawk, Beckman, Rayleigh and maybe Aokiji (assuming they give him one)
  13. Edogawa

    Character Discussion Who were better as a villian: Crocodile and Doflamingo or Kaido and Big Mom?

    The first two are memorable crime-bosses with likeable personalities, great design and left huge impact in the story. The other two, one is used for comedy relief and the other is just a meat head. Tbh I blame Oda for making them this bad.
  14. Edogawa

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1022 Spoilers Discussion

    If you actually bothered to read my previous post, you would know I acknowledged the whole Wano Arc had inconsistent jumps in power.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1022 Spoilers Discussion

    No, it it's not the same since: 1). Enies Lobby was a 1 time occurrence boosted by Nakama moment, which never happened afterwards. 2). The power ceiling in post timeskip was fairly consistent in which Oda outlined the strength of Yonko Commanders. The problem is Sanji has zero explanation...
  16. Edogawa

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1022 Spoilers Discussion

    This arc was honestly a mess; characters literally jumping levels in strength without any logical explanation. I mean, it was fairly consistent before Wano but it's taken to a whole other level. Only explanation would be Queen and King aren't actually that strong as initially thought compared...
  17. Edogawa

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1022 Spoilers Discussion

    Bro what the fuck is this random power creep? How the hell does Sanji fight Queen and King at the same time? Dude could barely handle Vergo few arcs back!!!
  18. Edogawa

    General & Others Oda is underestimated as a writer

    When a series is lasting for 25 years+ with nearly 500 million in sales you can bet your ass its writer is talented for it to be successful.