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  1. samiul1995

    Anime & Manga I Feel sorry for Zoro downplayers at this point

    If they admit zoro used adv coc in chapter 1010 then that means he used it before luffy If they decline then that means zoro's sheer armament is so strong that he can permanently wound kaido without even using coc which nobody in the verse can do What should they do lol?!! My next prediction...
  2. samiul1995

    Current Events Glad that the stupid Momotaro theory has been proven wrong

    Oh what a stupid theory it was. Apparently marco will fight kaido lol.... You would get hundreds of likes if you supported the theory. This momotaro parallel was a desperate attempt to overshadow the real parallel going on in the story. The Ryuma parallel. Apparently Zoro won't see kaido but...
  3. samiul1995

    Speculations Isolation of Wano, samurai pride and Understanding What Kaido represent as a character is the key to understand Luffy and Zoro's role in this arc

    There are 2 legend regarding kaido. 1. one vs one always bet on kaido 2. kaido is unkillable. 1.luffy fought for 30 minutes against kaido 1 vs 1 and lost. he said he will take care of kaido but could not do it. luffy's redemption will be he WILL beat kaido 1 vs 1 and destroying the first...
  4. samiul1995

    Speculations Zoro's missed dragon blaze attack is such an obvious chekov's gun. Oda has never been so obvious lol its funny right now!!

    An attack which cut off a km long horn? Which a yonko told another yonko to dodge? The same attack which was used to defeat the previous dragon slayer?!! Who just happens to be your great great grandfather??? Lol how obvious can it be?!!! Even the name of the attack is so blatant. Yeah right...
  5. samiul1995

    General & Others The problem with strawhats and how Oda's obsession with Luffy is ruining the cast

    Have you noticed how every character loses their personality when they become friends with luffy?? They stop talking about their own dreams.. I don't even remember when was the last time zoro or nami or robin talked about their own motivation. Oda has time to show luffy shouting he is gonna be...
  6. samiul1995

    Anime & Manga The Amount of downplaying Zoro gets from reddit and twitter is astonishing

    They are really Afraid of Zoro there. everything is zoro fans' fault. it was "lots of luffy" fans who were disappointed about "gomu gomu no mi and joyboy" destiny connection. now they turn around and blame zoro fans. LOTS AND LOTS of sanji fans were mad about him not getting a fight in wci. they...