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  1. Kiku

    Character Discussion Luffy & Zoro Parallels All Throughout One Piece

    This thread makes a lot of sense but it definitely feels like the main thing it proves is Luffy > Zoro
  2. Kiku

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1034 Spoilers Discussion

    Holy shit, white lightning. Thats cool as hell
  3. Kiku

    Character Discussion Is this clickbait title enough to convince you that Zoro will be WSS?

    I dont know of anyone who disagrees with Zoro becoming WSS
  4. Kiku

    Powers & Abilities Black Blades are overrated

    Anyone who thinks Mihawk > Whitebeard is delusional. I don't know why you guys talk to them.
  5. Kiku

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1034 Spoilers Discussion

    I think Queen mid diffs Jack... So long as Queen fights him the same way he fought Chopper and Marco lol
  6. Kiku

    Questions & Mysteries Will at least 4 SHs possess CoC

    Usopp deniers gonna be eating some major crow in a few years
  7. Kiku

    Questions & Mysteries Why did Oda throw away Jack?

    Simple. At the time of the beginning of the raid, Queen > Sanji so that can be an interesting fight. King > Zoro so that can be an interesting fight. But Jack simply could not hold a candle to the might of the YC3 of the Straw Hat crew, GoD. Usopp. It'd be a wash. Oda is saving him for the final...
  8. Kiku

    General & Others OP Manga Sales Declining

    Damn, if this trend keeps up One Piece will be canceled by 2030
  9. Kiku

    Questions & Mysteries Zoro being a King confirms that Zoro parallels Rayleigh as the Dark King of the New Generation

    Yamato is joining far too late to be Luffy's Rayleigh. Zoro, like Ray, has been there for the whole journey. Thats important. Unfortunately, I can't think of any proper Yamato parallels among Roger's crew. It'd have to be someone extremely strong who joins them towards the final leg of their...
  10. Kiku


    Zoro spent most of the chapter getting tossed around yet its the most badass he's looked, that anyone in one piece has looked, for years. I'd give it a 6 if I could.
  11. Kiku

    Powers & Abilities Zoro won't be turning his first ever blade Wado into Black blade

    You didn't talk about if Zoro is going to blacken his most important sword first though I am talking, of course, about Sandai Kitetsu
  12. Kiku

    Character Discussion Sanji's Sigma Male Grindset (aka not a simp like many people thought he would be)

    I dont think anyone on a school chromebook has the bare minimum amount of experience to be throwing around concepts like a "socio sexual hierarchy"
  13. Kiku

    Dosu vs Kimimaro

    The Kimimaro who > Lee didn't even have his Curse Mark active. Dosu needed Zaku's help. They are not the same
  14. Kiku

    Chapter Discussion Luffy saw the King is in another level. Chapter 988

    Silly to think that 1. Telling Yamato to watch Momo means "he thinks Yamato wouldn't be able to fight King" and 2. That Luffy would have an accurate grasp of Yamato's fighting capabilities when he hasn't even seen Yamato's DF abilities
  15. Kiku

    Questions & Mysteries Jinbore helping the Sun pirates

    If he gets panel time he's increasing early Wano bloat more, and if he didn't get much panel time and significance then people would be pissed. First genuine crew addition in over a decade and he's just backgrounded for a hundred chapters? Just makes more sense for him to be reasonably excluded.
  16. Kiku

    Questions & Mysteries Zoro’s left eye opening in the next 3 chapters?

    Against KING? I sure hope not that'd be kind of cringe
  17. Kiku

    General & Others Which one is better

    I feel like a girls opinion on who is more attractive between 2 dudes is more relevant than a straight guys opinion I do think it's Zoro though