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  1. Redx

    Speculations Kaido will be defeated in 1037

    I agree. Honestly I thought this was obvious. You can clearly see the pattern from how the previous fights played out that this will be wrapped up in a similar fashion. Kaido loses next chapter. Then the chapter after that we get the official declaration of his defeat. Any potential twists...
  2. Redx

    Questions & Mysteries Where is Zoro's birth Sword?

    I don't think Zoro had a sword intentionally made for him. Rather I think due to an odd twist of fate Nidai Kitetsu accidently ended up his Birth Sword. Zoro's story is tied to the Kitetsu Blades. Which is why I believe all 3 of them are meant to be his true swords. You're ignoring the very...
  3. Redx

    Personally I still think the Raid is going to fail so Jack not getting a fight is on purpose...

    Personally I still think the Raid is going to fail so Jack not getting a fight is on purpose. IMO Oda's off-paneling so much because these aren't the real final fights.
  4. Redx

    Powers & Abilities super saiyan 4 is cooler and more original than every new form introduced in dragon ball super

    I agree. It tied back into the existing biology of Saiyans in an interesting way. Everything in Super feels like a kindergartner came up with it.
  5. Redx

    One Piece Chapter 1030: The Impermanence of All Things

    So the chapter was a little annoying, at least for me. I would like for characters to just die but I also can't help but feel as if the only reason I even care is because I'm reading weekly. I mean technically he never said those characters were dead and we don't know how much time passed...
  6. Redx

    I didn't get to respond to your question but yes. If Kinemon is back up I see no reason why the...

    I didn't get to respond to your question but yes. If Kinemon is back up I see no reason why the flying six wouldn't get back up.
  7. Redx

    General & Others Oda Isn’t a Good Writer According to Pixar

    Pixar has their methods but I don't know why you're acting like these are the "official rules" of storytelling that every author uses. This is just a list that works for Pixar movies. It's a completely different format meant for 1 hour animated films that can't really be applied to Manga...
  8. Redx

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers Discussion

    I'm glad that Kanjuro wasn't really alive it was just something he did with his last breath. Kinemon being alive really bother's me. I don't think it's a good writing decision but that depends on what Oda does with it. Kid & Law both having awakening kinda bothers me a bit but I supposed it...
  9. Redx

    General & Others Do all of you still think this raid will fail?

    Yes. There are a lot of narrative reasons why the raid is likely to fail as well as Oda's strange and unusual writing choices this arc that don't match up with this being the finale. Onigaishima seems more like a false climax being used to set up something else.
  10. Redx

    General & Others What is the point of Wano?

    Ok? Glad you agree.
  11. Redx

    Hey. You wanted to talk?

    Hey. You wanted to talk?
  12. Redx

    General & Others What is the point of Wano?

    Well Wano is clearly about a million things. We're not being made to see the bigger picture yet. I will say for the Strawhats atleast this arc seems to be developing them into an Emperor Class Crew. All of the unresolved mysteries makes sense if you consider Onigaishima is just set up for a...
  13. Redx

    One Piece Chapter 1028: Brachio Snake

    A lot of people seem to be under the impression that the Sanji situation contradicts the themes of WCI. I don't think thats the case. To me the thematic commentary has simply evolved. Oda is just adding something new to the conversation. Before in WCI it was emphasizing the kindness he got...
  14. Redx

    Current Events Is Jinbe vs Who’s Who their actual matchup?

    No. I still think Jinbei vs Jack is going to happen.
  15. Redx

    Future Events Spoiler - Many Predictions come true

    Even if I entertain the idea that this were true it would only be partially accurate. As plenty of bits are clearly false. Being generous, even if these were part of Oda's plan they were clearly only very rough ideas for what "might" happen. It's not uncommon for authors to change ideas as...
  16. Redx

    Speculations The SHs will unlock Haki in Wano.

    This is the New World. Haki isn't special anymore. It's utterly common here. No they didn't. They awakened their Haki naturally. Then trained afterwards. He obviously does but even if he doesn't? It's irrelevant. It doesn't matter if Jack was strong without Haki because at the end of the day...
  17. Redx

    Versus Battle Deku vs Spiderman

    Comic Spidey has an advantage in a lot of areas. Peter is disgustingly fast, has better quick thinking and years of experience fighting stronger opponents. I don't see Deku beating him. Deku sweeps movie Spider-Man though.
  18. Redx

    Speculations The SHs will unlock Haki in Wano.

    I agree. They're all getting Armament Haki imo. Though we have to wait for the raid to fail to get any real development from them.
  19. Redx

    Future Events Kid and Law are going to make Big Mom serious in battle like Luffy does with Kaido

    Heh. It's interesting seeing this after reading the spoilers.
  20. Redx

    Questions & Mysteries Do you think Tama could be a Kurozumi?

    Someone already did a video on that topic.