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    Powers & Abilities Why didn't Queen use Ice Oni against Sanji?

    A little late for this, and idk if someone else posted it but, why didn't Queen use his main namesake abilities against Sanji? aka the "Plague". He only made 2 viruses we know of and both were just used against background fodders... It would have been cool (no pun intended) if he used Ice Oni...
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    Why does everyone keep saying i'm an alt?

    i heard about these forums from twitter and reddit and wanted to join in so i made this account a few days ago to post a Katakuri vs King thread i've always had in mind in the One Piece section and the first messages i get are that of me being an alt?? what? why?
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    Character Discussion King is a Katakuri rip-off.

    1- both of them are around the same age and are very tall: King: 47 years old - 613cm Katakuri: 48 years old - 509cm 2- both of them are YC1 of their respective Yonko crew, and the right hand men of their captains 3- both of them wear the same manner of dark black edgy spiked leather clothes...