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  1. Sigran101

    Speculations Why Yamato's Devil Fruit is a Point in Favor of her Becoming a Strawhat

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  2. Sigran101

    Speculations Zoro is ready to fight Hawkeyes post Wano

    Even going with the lowest level Zoro could perform this arc (defeating King high diff, no rematch with Kaido, no ZKK) I think he stands a chance against Hawkeyes at this point. If he does fight Kaido again it will be a certainty that he could fight Mihawk. Hawkeyes is currently the world's...
  3. Sigran101

    Future Events How strong will the world government be in the final war?

    Marineford was a good showcase of the Marine's power, but it did not include every resource at the world government's disposal. The pirate's goal was only to rescue Ace, not to overthrow the whole WG line in the final war. If they really use everything in that war, what will it take to defeat...
  4. Sigran101

    General & Others Why are there two names for everything?

    Zoro/Zolo Jinbei/Jimbei Alabasta/Arabasta berries/bellie, the list goes on. Why are there two names for everything in one piece? I know L and R sound similar in Japanese, but I haven't seen this in other manga.
  5. Sigran101

    Speculations Strawhat Commanders group title

    So after Wano, Luffy will most likely be solidified as a Yonko. Assuming that's the case, do you think his "commanders", presumably Zoro, Sanji, Jinbei, and potentially Yamato if she joins, will get a group moniker like the sweet commanders, the calamities, or the Titanic captains? If so, what...