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  1. Sakura no Hiluluk

    Manga Discussion Radiant - Appreciation and Discussion

    First thing first, sorry for just creating a random thread. I would have liked to put a new sub-forum but : 1. I don't know how ! 2. Sadly, I'm not sure that Radiant is known well-enough to warrant it -yet ? Without further ado, a little presentation of Radiant : Hello everyone ! I don't know...
  2. Sakura no Hiluluk

    Another crewmember of Oro Jackson

    Hello everyone ! I'm a French reader of One Piece, since roughly the time of the time-skip. I had the usual prejudices concerning One Piece before this, but in three volumes straight it sky-rocketed to be my favourite manga series. Enjoying all kind of lore and theories, I must say that this...