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  1. Haku

    Mobile Legends/League of Legends

    I used to play league like 3 years ago, recently went back to it, league probably is the game that I have put more hours into than any other. I started playing Dota 2 recently to try a different experience...
  2. Haku

    Count to 120 before an admin shows up.

  3. Haku

    General & Others PK =/= Strongest in 1v1

    Well if we get specific, the PK doesn't have to be the strongest. Must important qualification well is the people to acknowledge you as such. But by the nature of what the title means and business Pirates are in PK needs to be at least equal to the strongest. If we go back while Roger was...
  4. Haku

    Maybe originally, but doubt it considering Marco if the 1st division commander is fair to assume...

    Maybe originally, but doubt it considering Marco if the 1st division commander is fair to assume that Since the creation of the divisions the structure was Captain --> 1st divition --> second--> and so on.
  5. Haku

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    All hail this the masterpiece among masterpieces. I can always go back to this show and re watch it again and again
  6. Haku

    Japanese Song You Like

    Aimer- Kataomoi Sayuri- Mikazuki
  7. Haku

    What series are you watching ?

    Glad at least something picked your interest, try them out and let me know!!I can look for more that don't have big romance presence that I don't remember at the moment so let me know :queenmoji:
  8. Haku

    What series are you watching ?

    O it has romance and it is core to the plot... don't want to get into detail because spoilers. But Romance is a big part of Hotel del Luna tho If you are looking for Kdramas without much romance it will be hard... But you could try an watch: Healer, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, The K2, Kill it...
  9. Haku

    What series are you watching ?

    With good reason Hotel Del Luna is amazing!!! really high quality special effects, interesting plot, and amazing cast specially IU man she is so beautiful and an amazing actress!! Oroboros is nice watched it back on 2015 when it released. I haven't watched many J-dramas but Oroboros is one of...
  10. Haku

    What series are you watching ?

    Currently in the process of watching this. Really nice and laid back anime and pretty enjoyable so far. Recently I have been watching a bunch of Korean Dramas: Currently finished as well Persona on Netflix UI's new series. Pretty nice thought in many cases I didn't knew what was going on it...
  11. Haku

    Count to 120 before an admin shows up.

  12. Haku

    Questions & Mysteries Does the end of One Piece look closer now?

    If they are as long as WCI push it up to 10... WCI was around two years alone, this one is going in the same direction or even longer, and I suspect that there should be around 5 or 6 arcs more. Tho I will said the feeling of an endless adventure that I felt back on the first half of the New...
  13. Haku

    Yes NA tho...

    Yes NA tho...
  14. Haku

    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 958: The Promised Port

    awful chapter... I can feel it the stalling.... don't like where this i going... prolonging an arc more than it should...the rising action was cut mid ways and the hype of the actions that were about to unfold has been killed. Really disappointing and completely anticlimactic 1570392509 and...
  15. Haku

    General & Others Pick Your One Piece bodyguard

    No limit on who to choose? Roger, Garp, Whitebeard ain't nobody in the realm messing with me not even Im bitch in his comfy castle :cheers:
  16. Haku

    General & Others Whos the best leader in the strawhats and why?

    Lol the best leader its well, the leader himself? I believe his name is Luffy
  17. Haku

    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    I belive the word of Hisoka he wouldn't lie like that
  18. Haku

    Speculations Could Katakuri be Luffy's whitebeard?

    No is not an assumption he has to become stronger to be called the WB of this era p, is a fact... you just admit yourself he has to become stronger to be considered... highly unlikely but if it happens is not something out of this world... Lol we have villains that in their respective arcs...
  19. Haku

    Speculations Could Katakuri be Luffy's whitebeard?

    Nah man Law is counting on Luffy to beat through. He his just there in the shadow of Luffy following along, he clearly planned to die back at Dressrosa. If Luffy is gone no one will think “we’ll now is Law’s time”. Lol Roger and WB were not friends, just rivals enemies that respected each other...