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  1. Hereforthesalt

    Character Discussion One Piece Favorite Character Tier List - Top 10

    (1) law, (2) corazón, (3) usopp, (4) luffy, (5) shanks, (6) vivi, (7) aokiji, (8) sanji, (9) ace, (10-tied) zoro or cesar clown or sengoku or gaimon.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler Discussion

    so whats the devil fruit? i got kaido, luffy, law as major possibilities.
  3. Hereforthesalt

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler Discussion

    oda: i don't want luffy to win over kaido just because his punch is strong also oda: drops chapter 1037
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    General & Others In the new opening Law and Kid register Luffy as the future pirate King if you think about it

    if kid and law are betas idk what that makes the other strawhats and grand fleet. epsilons, i guess
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    General & Others Overall How Do you Feel about the Supernova in Wano?

    Rooftop 5 is PEAK SUPERNOVA CONTENT, all five were solid. Apoo is ok, drake disappointing, hawkins embarrassing, overall rooftop 5 makes up for the others. Luffy and Zoro are supernova so I doubt seriously people don’t care about them anymore. 1641437501 You mean kid needs his help. Law had to...
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    Powers & Abilities Kid and Law having DF awakening out of no where.

    Law practiced with his fruit off screen while waiting for Luffy to complete his WCI side quest on Wano. Are we really surprised that Oda, King of Off Paneling didn’t elaborate further? It’s very simple. And yes, Law and Kid did something before Luffy, deal with it.
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    Chapter Discussion The Legend Continues

    Yall gonna turn on Apoo the minute he gets folded by an arriving admiral or yonko crew member and it is going to be hilarious to watch.
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    Character Discussion Who has been more disappointing in the Wano arc Hawkins or X Drake?

    Drake because it seemed like he would be important to Marine storylines. So far he’s not. He’s an L machine. I had no expectations for Hawkins. Really? People said that after the captain trio went wild at the Sabaody auction house?
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    Break Week No, Zoro is NOT "Done" After Defeating King

    The whole argument hinges on the assertion that the Ryuma and Oden parallels have to be fulfilled now because they would have no meaning outside of Wano. Wano is about to be opened so its legends could very easily have an impact on the rest of the world moving forward. For instance, is Zoro...
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    General & Others Kid and Law post Wano fights

    Law is already knocking on top tier. Both Law and Kid are getting another power up to win this fight, rest assured.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers Discussion

    So King + Queen could take out Kaido? Cap.
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    Questions & Mysteries Kaido doesn't say "ACoC" is only used by the STRONGEST. He says "only some strong people".

    If you think about it linguistically if Kaido meant “only the strongest individuals can [use aCoC].” He would’ve said that and there would be no point to add “only a few.” He’s essentially saying “only a select few of the strongest can use aCoC.”
  13. Hereforthesalt

    Powers & Abilities The Worst Generation and the Type of Haki they are Naturally more procifient with

    Luffy - Guts/Resilience(bounce back) Law - Ingenuity/Versatility Zoro - Endurance/Swordsmanship Killer - Dexterity/Agility Kid - Durability
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    Powers & Abilities The Worst Generation and the Type of Haki they are Naturally more procifient with

    Law with future sight is just more hax on top of hax. Hardly needed.
  15. Hereforthesalt

    Powers & Abilities The Worst Generation and the Type of Haki they are Naturally more procifient with

    Law already showed most proficiency with CoA. He used armament in his curtain attack vs Kaido. Apoo with CoO would probably help his music attacks land. I think your classifications are right on.
  16. Hereforthesalt

    Powers & Abilities Sanji CoC

    Kid will stop being an arrogant loner and become a team player. Law will place his life on the line for his dream instead of his vendetta. ? Yes? While Sanji already got his character moment power up vs Queen, Kid and Law have yet to have theirs. There is a high chance Kid uses coc coating...
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    Speculations Law will be second strongest after PK Luffy

    Finally someone with some sense. :myman: Law is almost like a cousin to Luffy. Only way Law is not one of the strongest is if he dies IMO. 1638932889 Lol dead Whitebeard and Roger aside, Prime Law could believably beat anyone on that list and probably will help beat some of the people on that...