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  1. Hereforthesalt

    Powers & Abilities “A katana follows will.” Limits of Kid’s Magnetism

    Well. We see that Kid can rip swords out of fodder hands and the strength of his magnetism is significant enough for it to rip steel out from their structures, yet Law is holding onto his sword just fine. We all also know the scene of Kid moving Zoro’s swords on Sabaody anime was filler. So...
  2. Hereforthesalt

    Current Events Kid and Law are just getting started.

    vs. Kaido and Big Mom. Agree or disagree with this statement and why? I agree with this statement because I don't believe Oda will advertise a generation of monsters and not deliver. If Oda comes through this entire fight without Law and Kid shining it will be a huge mistake, and yes, this is...
  3. Hereforthesalt

    Powers & Abilities Law is the point guard vs Kaido and Big Mom

    Not only can Law go get his own shot but he’ll assist Luffy, Zoro, Kid, and Killer in getting theirs. Law should get at least 10 assists in this fight. He already got one with swapping the scabbards so Luffy could get a clean punch in without having to worry about defending Kinemon and the...