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  1. JackThaConflagration

    Chapter Discussion Is Zoro Ushimaru’s son

    Zoro is 21, so he was born around the time of wanos fall. He clearly resembles him in drawing. Maybe ushimarus sent him out, knowing that wabo was about to get destroyed.
  2. JackThaConflagration

    Questions & Mysteries Who does Kaido respect more Luffy or Zoro?

    Kaido has decimated both Luffy and Zoro. However, he has shown some respect because he respects the strong. But let's look from Kaido's perspective. Who do you think Kaido respects more between Luffy and Zoro, based on what he has seen in the fight.
  3. JackThaConflagration

    Theory Gorosei and Im are from the void century, their main objective is order

    The purpose of this theory is to piece together the scant evidence scatter throughout the series about the Gorosei (and Im) and attempt to come up with an explanation that would also fit into the bigger picture. Most of the theory is based on specific details from the manga. However, there will...
  4. JackThaConflagration

    General & Others Did the country of Wano live up to its reputation/hype?

    Before we actually got to Wano, Wano was hyped to be some formidable country with ancients secrets, only second to Elbaf. The Samurai of Wano were so strong that Marines didn't even bother to go there. When marines heard about Big Mom teaming up with Kaido, Akainu was even uncertain about...