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  1. PenguinKing

    General & Others A lot of Sanji fans aren't really Sanji fans they're Zoro fans.

    The moment you start pontificating over which worstgen members are astroturfing as a different fanbase, is also the moment you need to step away for a bit.
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    General & Others So since Whitebeard was the worlds strongest MAN, weren't Big Mom and Kaido not considered?

    "Best Post Apocalyptic Teen Romance Comedy of the year!" - some fictional movie trailer on January 29th
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    Current Events Thoughts on these takes regarding Wano and the fandom

    I'm enjoying Wano on a reread- i finally found vol 93-98 to complete my set- yet I still remember how every short fight was "well, he is gonna give us the good stuff with ___" then "___" gets shortened & here we still are. If i couldn't change anything narratively, I would have preferred if he...
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    General & Others No one can escape WCI... LOL

    Was probably that little man's fetish 😳
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    Parallel with Luffy&Oden, both got 1 shotted when they were distracted over the well being of their loved ones. Luffy lost sight of everything when he thought his crew were in the ruins of Oden Castle that Kaido had just Boro Breathed back to bits. I'm hoping that Oda has Kaido think back to...
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    General & Others Naruto series should not have been named Naruto

    Yeah, but we also have "Dexter" & "Hannibal". Show named after M.c can work,the problem is that Naruto isn't an interesting or unique enough character to shoulder that weight, people didn't tune in just for Naruto. Edit: some grammar
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    Anime Discussion Why is Demon slayer so popular?

    I'm right there with you. I've watched the first season 2x, once as an actual watch & other as background, i honestly couldn't tell you a single character's name or what their powers are called. It is absolutely beautiful to look at, i love that like Chainsaw Man it dives right in & moves...
  8. PenguinKing

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler Discussion

    It still absolutely cracks me up that even if he has an underling with the PowerPoint Powerpoint Fruit powers, Doffy took time to make a slideshow, with pictures, epitaphs & stats before declaring them Enemies of the State.
  9. PenguinKing

    Episode Discussion One piece opening 25 spoiler

    It's such a bizarre choice for an "all out war, thousands of lives at stake" song that you could write a Jojo season around it. Something like the first Fire Force opening would have been perfect, hell, even the lyrics for the song would be apt.
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    Episode Discussion One piece opening 25 spoiler

    So Kidd & Law are Luffy's wings? 🤔
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler Discussion

    I like your viewpoint. I was getting tired of the toxic resentment& entitlement regarding something as trivial (and provided for free) as comic book spoilers 5 days from release, God forbid these people encounter actual strife because it will probably end up on the news.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler Discussion

    "Knife Edge Deathmatch! Chu kicks ass at those, he's never lost!" DO realize the fact it is a "deathmatch" sort of implies his victory ratio, right? Dark Tournament Saga- best Shonen arc of all time, with YYH probably being my favorite series. I've seen the entire run something like...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler Discussion

    That's how i feel. The F.T Monsters reminded me of older horror narratives where the Heroes thought they vanquished the curse/monster before the ending reveals that the true cause is alive & well, it wasn't to set up a sequel but rather instill a sense of unease/trepidation for the main...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler Discussion

    Tigerman! Fighter of the Dragon Man! He's a master of karate and friendship for everyone, Tigerman! (O whoa oh!)
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    One Piece Chapter 1036: "Bushido Is the Way of Death"

    You do realize she most likely "Homie'd" the bars before/prevent Kidd from using them, with the added bonus of beating the shit out of someone with their own "power"- totally something a psychopath would enjoy doing.
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    Spoiler My Hero Academia General Spoilers thread

    Thank you for correct SnS timeline, i saw "2 chapters" online, didnt realize was hyperbole. Her introduction & death, she was a plot point to nerf&delay ShiggyFO. In better hands she could have lived longer, Hori doesn't seem able/wanting to balance absurd O.P powers so he tends to use them as...
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    Spoiler My Hero Academia General Spoilers thread

    We got 3 chapters of students crying to civilians about how cool Delu is, 2 chapters for SnS didn't bog anything down. Hell, spoilers for 339 make it sound like a boring exposition fest of "your new gauntlets are +2 attPow", when a page or two would do.
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    Questions & Mysteries Best fight in One Piece

    Alabasta, just every actual fight with a S.H. I realized one reason Kaido "beating" Luffy 2x doesn't hit the same as Croco vs Luffy for me is that we get it off paneled or rushed, "Water Luffy" was a chapter for instance. We saw the entirety of Luffy's fight and evolution against Crocodile. We...
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    The spoilers providers are being biased and anti-Sanji whenever Sanji gets mentioned!

    You're like that really creepy & uncomfortable scene in one of the Transformers movies (of all things) where they took a good 5-10 minutes to explain, unironically, to the camera how an adult male can date a teen girl due to loopholes.
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    Hardest Game you've played

    Catherine, i beat it w o internet or hints, never again 1639725253 ? I like d.s2 the most, partly bc you can cheese your way through by killing mobs 12x until they despawn