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  1. Desert Waifu

    Questions & Mysteries Where are the captains' crews?

    Most of you probably didn't notice or care, but I've often wondered where the Drake, Hawkins and Apoo crews are and what they are doing. The last time we saw the On Air Pirates was when Apoo was making his way to Onigashima, but we didn't see a single member of these three crews in just one...
  2. Desert Waifu

    One Piece x Pokemon

    My dear "Africans", I'm happy that after two years I can share this video with you. Which One Piece characters would have which Pokemon? Since I've asked myself this question many times, I started working on this video. It took so long because I had to wait for the manga and anime to reach a...
  3. Desert Waifu

    Panzer vor!

    Guten Tag, as you can easily see, I am German, but don't worry, I don't cause any stress. I've been watching One Piece since 2003, but currently only read the manga. My activity will be very limited, but sometimes I'll post something.