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  1. Zaretball

    Powers & Abilities Rest Power up for Monster Trio

    Zoro black blade Luffy awekening Sanji better fire I don't think Zoro or Sanji will get advcoo
  2. Zaretball

    Powers & Abilities Keeping up with the King of Hell - Sisyphean Task [Luffybros edition]

    One chapter of Luffy vs Kaido and you guys are already acting more pathetic than usual.
  3. Zaretball

    Powers & Abilities Queen confirmed that Sanji’s flames isnt a Vinsmoke power

    It's probably just a manifestation of his passion.
  4. Zaretball

    Character Discussion Thoughts on Hiyori

    She's a waste of time and panel in my opnion
  5. Zaretball

    Future Events Straw Hats realy needs more Members?

    I don't think they even needed Franky, Brook and Jinbe to join the crew even though I like their characters
  6. Zaretball

    Future Events Sanji's next opponents

    Lucky Roux Admiral Avalo
  7. Zaretball

    General & Others Would you sacrifice the monster trio

    Exchanging Zoro for Kuina could be interesting. Hiyori for me shouldn't even exist and the other exchanges are really bad.
  8. Zaretball

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler Discussion

    honestly I just want this arc to end.
  9. Zaretball

    Speculations Why Sanji might not fight an admiral.

    Honestly if Ryokugyu and Fujitora switch sides I think they are more likely to fight Akainu and Kizaru themselves than other characters while Oda makes thematic conflicts about justice in the fights between admirals. I still don't really believe in the switch sides option though.
  10. Zaretball

    Speculations Why Sanji might not fight an admiral.

    It's not like this is a rule but I don't really think Kizaru is a more "serious" character than Jabura even more because of the way he talks. He will likely try to troll his opponent in the middle of the fight.
  11. Zaretball

    General & Others How many conquerors do the Shanks and Teach "have"?

    I don't know but some random guesses : Maybe Shillew since he's Zoro's opponent or maybe Pizarro since he is a corrupt king. Maybe Beckman since he's supposedly the strongest yc1 or maybe Yassop if Oda decides Usopp has coc too.
  12. Zaretball

    Speculations Which Calamity will be Sanji's Main Opponent Wano Update (Poll Below)

    King kicked Sanji in my opinion at 988. I don't see the anime, if the scene is not in the manga, it is filler.
  13. Zaretball

    Powers & Abilities What was the point of Sanji's exoskeleton PU?

    I wouldn't worry too much, even if he gets back to normal it's pretty sure the exo will come back in his next fights. Maybe this turns into a transform he chooses when using equal to ssj or something similar.
  14. Zaretball

    General & Others Sanji vs Queen is one of his worst fights in the series

    You're exaggerating, Ulti vs Nami, Zoro vsPika and Franky vs Sasaki are way worse.
  15. Zaretball

    Questions & Mysteries Sanji's eyebrow back to normal

    Oda has to make it possible for Nami to punch Sanji without hurting her hand.