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    Break Week .

    This guy is a great example of cognitive dissonance. Go see a therapist or psychiatrist you clearly have issues.
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    Break Week .

    Haven't read any of this yet but it oughta be interesting... I mean entertaining.
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    Questions & Mysteries How would the raid be going if Kaido had killed the Scabbards instead of sparing them for no reason?

    I don't think Kaido spared them for no reason. He comes across as a suicidal masochist so he had his reasons for sparing them. That said it most definitely lowers the alliances chance of success.
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    Questions & Mysteries Would a Skinny Queen ACTUALLY Be Too Popular

    I'm disappointed.. opened this thread in hopes of seeing a fan art of skinny Queen. A quick search did find this though... Looks like a Borderlands character with an over sized head.
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    Speculations Yamato bounty

    Could see the Ace bounty happening. Could also see it being much higher. Ace's bounty was very high when first reveled, Jinbe had stated it took a lot to push it above 400 million beris. That doesn't mean much now when so many people are around or well above that, that idea got tossed when...
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    Money or your loved ones ?

    Obviously take the money and pay off someone in the life insurance industry to have a pre dated policy on said "loved" one, say 10 million or so.
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    Anime & Manga Proof that King is trash

    Proof that stealthblack is a man child still starting useless threads to discredit Zoro. You're the most pathic fanboy on this forum.
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    Current Events Yamato won't join

    For all the people saying she won't join do you think someone else will? Running out of time for a new SH and at this point in the game they need to be a heavy hitter.
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    Current Events Yamato won't join

    Hmm... let's wait and see how Luffy reacts when he finds a likely battered Yamato fighting Kaido.
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    Current Events Yamato won't join

    Would have to drop the series if this happens.
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    Speculations The Potential JOYBOYS

    It's Charlotte Amande... The the boy part is just a throw off. 1622687308
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    General & Others What would have Zoro done if he was first on rooftop

    He'd challenge Kaido to a drinking contest and tell Big Mom a cake is on the way but she can have it faster if she goes to the chef.
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    Speculations Possible new crew members Kidds Crew post Wano

    Forgot about that scum bag, but yeah I agree. Maybe Ceaser?
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    Speculations Possible new crew members Kidds Crew post Wano

    If there happens to be a character named A. Dult introduced by the end of Wano my money is on them... If not then no idea.
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    Current Events Why oda teased Shanks in chapter 1000?

    You do realize that is Luffy, right?
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    Future Events Will Sanji ever abandon his moral code for the sake of someone?

    It's a hypothetical, like the original question.
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    Future Events Will Sanji ever abandon his moral code for the sake of someone?

    He would die of blood loss. 1608851890 What if he were to fight Yamato for some reason? Since she cosplays as Oden can he attack her?