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  1. Fujishiro

    Break Week Primebeard was stronger than Roger

    Prove me wrong :kayneshrug:
  2. Fujishiro

    Break Week The ace novel, for anyone that wants to read it

    Hey guys! Just found a link for anyone that wants to read volumes 1 and 2 of the ace novel. Enjoy!
  3. Fujishiro

    Speculations I dont feel like we're gonna lose

    That chapter title is a red flag right? Are they about to get their asses kicked?
  4. Fujishiro

    Who plays world of warcraft here?

    If any of ya all plays wow, lets make a worst gen guild for the upcoming expansion guys! Or just play together
  5. Fujishiro

    Versus Battle Hippo vs Polar bear vs Siberian Tiger

    vs Who wins and why Polar bear vs Siberian tiger, who got this Location
  6. Fujishiro

    Should I read this?

    Hey guys! I heard good things about this series, should I read this? I kinda started reading it a long while ago and I stopped right at the beginning where they fight that rock dude in a cave or whatever. The manga felt too generic to me. I await your opinions :p
  7. Fujishiro

    Break Week Yonkoproductions, avoid spoilers this week

    credit goes to El Hermano from nf What do you guys think?
  8. Fujishiro

    Fire emblem three houses

    Anyone playing this? I just got around to play it, still at the beginning. fell free to discuss here guys! :blush::smoothy:
  9. Fujishiro

    General & Others In your opinion, what should be the most destructive devil fruit

    Imo if we go scientifically it should be fujitoras fruit. By far. How about you?
  10. Fujishiro

    General & Others Roger had an easier time becoming pirate king

    Title, roger had an easier time becoming pk than the top tiers rn who have to deal with way more competition from peer\rising pirates\vigilant marines making sure there is no repeat fo what roger did. Since now people know that raftel exists, that the road poneglyphs lead to it and that the one...
  11. Fujishiro

    General & Others Kaido arrives at Marineford

    credit goes to January from OL who posted it and Who made it. This is not to be taken seriously, I hope people find it within themselves to just relax and take this post as what it is, a joke/meme thread. I hope people will leave that behind them as they enter this thread, any counter memes...
  12. Fujishiro

    Gaunter O'DIMM VS Kratos VS Kaguya VS Yuuha JUHA YHWACH VS HARUHI SUZUMIYA VS Sword God Ryuma

    Gaunter O'Dimm Vs Kratos Vs Kaguya Vs Yuuha Yhwach Vs Haruhi suzumiya All in character Location: Earth. Who got this? @ShishioIsBack @Haoshoku @HA001 @Light D Lamperouge @Admiral Lee Hung @BigChungus2018 @Zoro D Goat @TheAncientCenturion ,etc
  13. Fujishiro

    General & Others Favorite manga scene?

    Mine is this one, from zoro: He had so many funny moments like those pre skip! What about you guys?
  14. Fujishiro

    Chapter Discussion Theory i saw on youtube about kaido

    That's it, I'm completely convinced now. Kaido has a soft spot for his daughter which is why he respects her wish to be called his son, which is why he went to Marineford to save Ace after she had asked him to, which is why he tries to die in a flashy way like Oden, which is also what him...
  15. Fujishiro

    Chapter Discussion Queen is handling it

    Dont worry orochi, queen is handling it! :seriously:
  16. Fujishiro

    BM vs Lord Pica

    Lord pica: vs Big momma Both in character. Who wins.
  17. Fujishiro

    General & Others Favorite ending song

    Hey guys! whats your favorite ending song in one piece? Mine is this one Charged with memories and nostalgia of when i was a kid, My parents had cable tv in their room, and id go there to watch one piece, id be eating lasagna and drinking coca cola. Those were amazing days.
  18. Fujishiro

    Chapter Discussion Perospero is going to be the reason behind Kaido and Big Mom's fall

    Perospero is clearly angry at Beast Pirates as much he is at Strawhats. He is also clearly not going to honour the alliance. So I think Perospero will reach to top and find out Luffy and Yamato forming alliance. He may see them talking together or fighting together. Given he already doesn't like...