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  1. critical mindset

    Break Week Tashigi is Kuina and she has got bitch tits

    Kuina lost to a staircase, but fortunately we know Koushirou has got connections to the RA and we know a certain someone there that can save her life and just happened to be in the neighbourhood. Ivankov made a dangerous concoction to try to save her life, and in the process made her more...
  2. critical mindset

    Prime Daniel Bernhardt vs Tony Jaa

    Vs A friend of mind had this discussion at work and he wanks the shit out of Tony Jaa. Bernhardt is stronger in my opinion, is proficient in karate as well as taekwando, stronger in QcQ
  3. critical mindset

    Theory Bad End Musical is about the will of D, foreshadowing Big Mom’s amnesia and a second timeskip. Part 3

    (7.3) Inherited will This is a theory about the will of D and so one cannot not bring up the concept of inherited will as I also believe they're connected. However, some of you may question why I'm so late into the theory when deciding to bring up the concept of inherited will. The answer to...
  4. critical mindset

    Theory Bad End Musical is about the will of D, foreshadowing Big Mom’s amnesia and a second timeskip. Part 2

    5) The taste from back then As far as the ‘taste’ is an allegory for the will of D, how does this then relate to the childhood of Big Mom in terms of 'the taste from back then'? Big Mom is then obviously speaking in parables here that relate to the will of D as a metaphor and analogy for some...
  5. critical mindset

    Theory Bad End Musical is about the will of D, foreshadowing Big Mom’s amnesia and a second timeskip. Part 1

    Introduction This theory is about Bad End Musical: what I think it all meant and what it entails and portends for the future of the story. Was this just a song to wrap up the arc and therefore in the grand scheme of things holds no significant meaning? Or does it in fact carry condiderable...
  6. critical mindset

    Theory Fire-breathing dinosaurs: The rude "awakening" of the Dragon-Dragon Zoans

    Prologue In chapter 929 we learned that X-Drakeand Page One are dinosaur zoan users that fall into the dragon-dragon zoan category, and so I started wondering why Oda chose to call it that. When chapter 930 was released I can't say I got further confirmation of my thesis when we learned that...
  7. critical mindset

    Powers & Abilities Vergo is inspired by the immortal figure and legendary Vietnamese soldier Saint Going

    For those who still don't think Vergo-San is special, what if I told you he is based on an immortal cult figure and legendary soldier in Vietnamese folklore? One such story relates to a couple living in a small village in the countryside. Even though they had been married for many years, they...
  8. critical mindset

    Fanclub Mr. Vergo Fanclub

    Welcome to the fanclub dedicated to Vergo-San! While Monet is preparing some dishes and drinks for us, let's talk and show our appreciation for Demon Bamboo. Here we can discuss and share out thoughts and I welcome an open discourse, as long as it's not filled with brats with an attitude...
  9. critical mindset

    Versus Battle Achilles vs Ajax

    Ajax looked like the more impressive one here. Hector was a good match up for Achilles but Ajax kicked him around good. Feats for Ajax, but Achilles has the portrayal vs How far could Ajax push Achilles, or vice versa?
  10. critical mindset

    General & Others Vergo is inspired by the world famous martial artist and action actor star Scott Adkins

    This is something I haven't really expanded upon but thought for you to truly appreciate the greatness of Vergo-san you must first learn his roots. I have strong reason to believe Oda has taken inspiration from one of my favourite action actors for a number of reasons. First off, Scott Adkins...
  11. critical mindset

    Powers & Abilities Vergo reappears with the Axolotl devil fruit

    Vergo who is the only character with a designated prefix in the VC to indicate how he has transcended normal armament hardening, who makes BMP's most durable member Oven look like utter dogshit when the latter has to haul his over to sickbay with his broken collarbone (same with Kuri who is far...
  12. critical mindset

    Speculations WB betrayed the Rocks

    WB stands 666cm tall, ie the devil’s number. He executed order 66 on their asses and helped bring down the storm that took them down. WBs involvement is covered up bc it takes away from the shine and glory of Garp. The Rocks could’ve washed them if it weren’t for WB, the traitor
  13. critical mindset

    Questions & Mysteries Pound and the Tontatta ship has shrunk in size

    How did Pound survive? It is likely somehow connected to the fact that him and the tarte ship are of a conspicuously smaller size than they normally would. Note that a tonatta ship should be comparable to the size of a normal human, somewhat bigger. Now a tarte ship would completely dwarf the...
  14. critical mindset

    Theory Captain Kuro is inspired by 1984 character O’Brien: will return as a Cipher Pol agent and head his own agency

    Hello readers! Take a seat while Monet bring us some drinks and prepares a speciality cuisine known only by the best chefs of Mariejois. This is a theory I made a while ago about a character that in the thick of the everything that’s going on and ramping up seems like all but a minor character...
  15. critical mindset

    Theory How did Jimbei escape? He teamed up with Big Mom against Blackbeard in WCI. Blackbeard and his blockade of WCI

    Hello dear readers! Please take a seat while Monet pour us some drinks and bring us some cookies and sweets impounded from a BM pirates shipment (I'm Vergo, I can do shit like that, you know). So now, let's dive into it. This is a speculation on how the events in WCI unfolded after the...
  16. critical mindset

    Theory Greenbull has an Ancient Zoan Devil fruit model: prehistoric crocdile. Wani Wani No Mi

    Hello everyone! Take a seat while Monet brings us some cookies and any type of drink that you want, save for alcohol which may bring you out of mind for this theory. The things we learned in chapter 905 about Greenbull is that he hasn't eaten in three years. He was also seen sunbathing. This...
  17. critical mindset

    Critical is back!

    What’s up freak bitches! That’s right, for all those who remember me from the good old days of Orojackson, I am back in the house! For those who don’t me, I am a One Piece theorist and enthusiast with many of my theories posted on Narutoforums, one posted here yesterday that you are free to...
  18. critical mindset

    Theory Hydraulic shock incoming! Bad end musical begins and it's now time to "face the music"

    Yeah that’s right folks, Critical is back in the house! Hello dear readers! Let's take a seat. Monet will bring you some cookies and any type of drink you want, save for alcohol that would bring you out of mind. Now that we find ourselves in a sea battle with Jimbei having made a big entrance...