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  1. Jew D. Boy

    How Many People In Your Family?

    Yeah, it’s a dumb setup. Just answer the damn question!!:smoothieduck: I grew up with both my parents (who have since divorced), as well as my younger brother and sister. My siblings still live with our mom, even though they’re both older than a lot of people on this forum. Conversely, I’ve...
  2. Jew D. Boy

    Favorite/Least Favorite Day of the Year

    Just came up with this - what dates on the calendar hold some significance for you, whether or positive or negative? What days roll around and make you feel either happy or sad remembering what happened on them in past years? Birthdays preferably excluded, but if that’s the one you like the...
  3. Jew D. Boy

    Two Truths and a Lie

    You know how this game is played, I don’t have to mansplain everything to you!! :kriwhat: I’ll start - I am from America I love One Piece I once scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro with my bare hands, completely naked :laughmoji:
  4. Jew D. Boy

    Break Week Artur’s Return to the Reverie

    (Feel free to move this elsewhere, mods...didn’t think it belonged in the actual manga section, but the call is yours to make.) Is anyone else reading Artur’s fanmade chapters, Return to the Reverie? I was skeptical at...
  5. Jew D. Boy

    Powers & Abilities One Piece...Fusions?!

    Taking a page from the series that inspired our favorite tale about pirates, what if the concept of fusion existed in One Piece? Which two characters would you wanna see become one? For example - Luffy and Zoro become Zuffy, a rubbery swordsman with no sense of direction, a berserker with...
  6. Jew D. Boy

    Speculations Who Could Come After Robin?

    Reading through Zou on a whim and something that’s never really phased me before caught my attention: To a degree, this has always been an unspoken truth - plenty of folks stand to gain something from the Poneglyphs, and Robin is now (as far as we know) the only person in the world who can...
  7. Jew D. Boy

    Current Events Did The Flying Six Exist Before Drake?

    Title says it all, but I’ll add a bit more for flavor: If X Drake didn’t join Kaido’s crew until the time skip, was it his addition that led to the formation of the Flying Six? Was there another member(s) that he replaced? Were the other folks in the group just regular Headliners, or did they...
  8. Jew D. Boy

    Dealing With Depression

    Due to the global pandemic, there’s a lot of stress and worry in the air. So much of what society was like beforehand is totally in flux now; we don’t even know WHEN we’ll all be able to gather in public again, let alone what will be different about the same. We’re all cooped up in our houses...
  9. Jew D. Boy

    Member Join Dates

    Might be the only one who’d enjoy this, but is it possible to add a section in the Member area that sorts us by what date we joined? Think it’d be cool to see how long each of us has been here in addition to most likes/points/comments. Kindly disregard this if nobody else gives a shit.
  10. Jew D. Boy

    Break Week Quarantine on the Thousand Sunny

    I’m so sorry...but I gotta know...if the coronavirus hit the One Piece world and everyone, even powerful pirate crews on the Grand Line, had to shelter in do you think the Straw Hats (including Jinbe) would be handling the quarantine? I imagine Luffy would be annoying the shit out...
  11. Jew D. Boy

    Is Goku A Good Father?

    Obviously, this question can only be answered subjectively - no parent is perfect, no child is without trauma that they pass on in some way, and no family gets through life without internal strife. Usually, though, relatives don’t also have to save the planet from extraterrestrial and...
  12. Jew D. Boy

    Paranormal Activity (not the movie)

    Have you ever experienced something inexplicable? See wispy visions of people that weren’t really there? Hear sounds in the night that couldn’t possibly be of this world? Feel a less than friendly presence upon walking into a seemingly empty room? This is the place to share your otherworldly...
  13. Jew D. Boy

    Questions & Mysteries Who Has the Nagi Nagi no Mi?

    Rosinante died before our very eyes, so it’s gotta be somewhere whether or not it belongs to someone who will be important going forward. Seems like too valuable a power to not recur like some others. Someone on the Blackbeard Pirates? Revolutionaries? Marines? Still in the wild? Possibly...
  14. Jew D. Boy

    Last Letter - First Letter

    You’ve no doubt played something like this before, but I didn’t see a thread here, so I wanted to change that! The premise is simple - take the last letter of the word posted by the previous user and come up with one that STARTS with that letter. Example: User 1 - Luffy User 2 - Yorki User 3 -...
  15. Jew D. Boy

    Speculations The Ten Titanic (Straw Hat) Captains

    Wanted to try something here, bear with me and it’ll (possibly) be worth the trouble :wellwell: Opinion seems split around here on whether or not the Blackbeard Pirates will be the last villain Luffy and friends face in the series, but even if they aren’t, Teach isn’t gonna be defeated until...
  16. Jew D. Boy

    Manga Discussion Shaman King

    How many soul enthusiasts do we have in the house? Feel free to discuss all things SK here! Taking a page out of my friend @KiriNigiri’s book here and kicking off the conversation with some favorites: Character - Hao is obviously the MVP in several ways, but Anna has to be one of the most...
  17. Jew D. Boy

    Questions & Mysteries How Did Doflamingo Acquire the Mera Mera no Mi?

    We all know both how Ace lost it at Marineford and that Doffy gained possession of it before Dressrosa, but how did it end up in his clutches at all? The manga never explicitly addresses this, so I thought it would be fun to speculate. The way I see it, there are at least two likely...
  18. Jew D. Boy

    Why Hasn’t Pan Gone SSJ Yet?

    If I recall correctly, Toriyama once said in response to a question about why Pan didn’t receive a Super Saiyan transformation in GT, it was because he didn’t know how a female SSJ would look. Since then, we’ve seen Caulifla, Kale, their fusion, and player characters in a few recent games all...
  19. Jew D. Boy

    Speculations Let’s Settle This - Are Oden and Toki Really Dead?

    We’ve all discussed this in bits and pieces on other threads, so I figured I’d establish a single place for us to hash this out. Title says it all, but I’ll add a bit more: I don’t think Oden could survive the execution, and even if he did somehow, it would be a tremendous cop out and totally...
  20. Jew D. Boy

    Restricted Letters

    Saw this on another site and thought it might be fun to try here :laughmoji: Basically, you can say whatever you’d like, but you can’t use the letters in your username. For example, I couldn’t use J, E, W, D, B, O, or Y while posting something here. You can guess what the previous poster was...