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    Character Discussion Between Sasaki and Black Maria who do you think was more impressive?

    Sasaki at least almost Destroyed General Franky but Black Maria did almost nothing that is even half decent only impressive thing about her is her bounty
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    General & Others Wano (So Far ) vs Thriller Bark Which arc is Better?

    Fights: in Term of fights Wano has better action but Thriller Bark has better narrative and more satisfactory end of fights at least for me (Oars Vs Shs) Vs (Kaido Vs Sns/9Rs): K Vs Sns was more hype but O Vs Shs is One of my favorite fights for me its was better than any fight in Wano so far...
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    Future Events Sanji vs Kizaru won't happen

    i Personally think Kizaru Vs Zoro make more sense than Sanji vs Kizaru Zoro Vs Kizaru: 1. Kizaru's Match up for most part was RHM's - Ray,Marco and Ben Beckman (this one wasn't a fight) 2. Kizaru mocked Zoro and almost Killed him in Sabaody 3. it seems that Kizaru and Akainu are like...
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    Current Events Did you really expect everyone vs Kaido from start to finish? The 1 vs 1 Luffy vs Kaido was obvious

    personally i don't think they're exhausted that much it's like robin after her fight they will sleep for few chapter but will be good after that
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    Questions & Mysteries Sword synergy

    i just hope oda make some interesting process for turning Enma and Zoro's other sword a black blade simply putting alot of haki in to sword to make it a BB is kinda lame fulfilling will of the sword is interesting but i think if its just this its not good enough for such a rare thing (so far we...
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    Current Events Did you really expect everyone vs Kaido from start to finish? The 1 vs 1 Luffy vs Kaido was obvious

    did i expected to be n v 1 against kaido all the fight? No i always know luffy will fight him 1v1 at some point did i wanted to be n v 1 against kaido most of the fight? Yes i personally want to see all shs vs kaido for end of fight will shs vs kaido happen? at this point its not likely
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    Break Week No, Zoro is NOT "Done" After Defeating King

    personally i don't think zkk will happen for few reasons: 1. oda rarely will kill any one 2. kaido him self want to die and so far no villain achieved his dream 3. yamato although kaido is a bad father he is still her father and i think she has a very high chance to join shs and etc but in...
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    General & Others Bounty Discussion and Speculation

    for what reason it mean that he never used his biscuit warriors? he said they don't know how he look like not that they don't know how his power will work personally i think they know about his power but don't know his main body is inside one of soldiers we saw several people that mad copy of...
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    General & Others Bounty Discussion and Speculation

    they may even lower his bounty they think he is a very big dude (almost size of a giant) that is able to make biscuit copy of him self if they know that he is just a tall dude that with very very low endurance they may even make it lower
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    News Jump Festa 2022

    it's a party or closing the act
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    Future Events Why MKK and not ZKK?!

    kaido won't work like that its not rpg he was defeated several time but no one could kill him killing him still is almost an impossible feat
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    Speculations Realistically, how can ZKK occur at this point?

    Bro dude was defeated several time but no one could kill him even if he is weakened it won't make any difference in case of his defence
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    Powers & Abilities Did King use CoC?

    i think its only zoro he used AdCoA (not touching) + AdCoC
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    Powers & Abilities Expected a Lot more from King.

    i'll wait for anime but it's probably was one of zoro's best 1v1 fights it was good but could be way better (action wise) plot wise it was kinda meh
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    Future Events Baited by Spoilers: Karyuudon vs ZKK

    we have several people that are exactly like each others most of them have connection to wano for example: Tashigi and Kuina we now they're not same person they have 1 year age gap but personally i think Tashigi is also a Shimotsuki but from another ancestor (not kozaburo) we know that 1 full...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1035 Spoiler Summaries and Images

    The flashback is short, King and Kaido are in a research facility. Kaido: I'm leaving here to create a pirate crew. Will you accompany me? King: Are you going to change the world? Kaido: I'm the only one who can change the world. King and Kaido escape from the research facility and see it burning
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1035 Spoilers Discussion

    yeah after getting 2 time effect of senzu bean
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1035 Spoilers Discussion

    he is durable but don't have good endurance
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    Break Week How is King more popular than Queen?

    character wise king isn't good (honestly expect queen other villains in Wano aren't good) but power and lore wise king is interesting also in general people like badass character more than goofy characters i don't now why but alot of fans think being goofy is a bad thing
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    General & Others So let me get this straight

    it's not just sword ships also have this remember merry