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  1. Sievas

    Improving Discussions, less toxicity

    I am not long here yet on WG, but I noticed a few things I want to talk about with everyone and especially towards the mods/admins of this forum. It is about the prevalent trolling, wanking, bashing, and in general toxicity of this forum. All in all this place feels nice and active but I feel...
  2. Sievas

    Webcomic Discussion Thread

    Just wondering if you guys are reading any Webcomics on Webtoon (doesn't matter if officials or canvas, let's push), Tapastic, or any translated korean ones? I didn't find such thread yet so I thought a general discussion thread would be nice! This is my list with opinions on them: - Satan and...
  3. Sievas

    Let's sail together!

    Hello! :D Glad to have found this place and hope to discuss about One Piece with you all! You can call me Sievas or whatever shorting you see fit. I am 21, male and from Germany. Pleased to meet you all. I hope we will discuss lots, but I will probably also just watch from afar a lot. We will...