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    Questions & Mysteries The wisdom king

    In this chapter oldman Hyo said Luffy looks like the wisdom king ( a god in japan ) so i was wondering if the wisdom king is going to be an actual character in the story like raijin and the other guy from oniwaban or not so what do you think?
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    Versus Battle Jack the ripper vs Hisoka

    Jack has his gloves and access to every weapon he used in his fight and also can see the bungee gum Pre chrolo Hisoka Location: 19th century london Distance: 20 meters Round 1: speed not equal Round 2: speed equal
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    General & Others Give characters someone else's df

    So here you choose a character doesn't matter if they have a fruit or not and you give them a fruit that belongs to someone else and discuss what they can do with it and what would change in the story remember only 1 df ( so you can't give teach 2 df to replace both only 1 ) and it has to have...
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    General & Others Give people the bounty they deserve

    As the title suggests if there is a character that you think has a bounty too high or too low give them a number you think they deserve based on their strength and threat I start with veterans i think considering their age, position, power and also Pedro and Tamago's bounty Daifuku and Oven...
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    General & Others Make One Piece great again

    Okay so in this thread you can discuss the things you didn't like and how you would change it to make the story better but you can't make a big change just give your opinion on other ways Oda could have chosen to develope a certain plot that would have been better for example you can't say i...
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    Versus Battle Levi Ackerman vs Guts

    Location: shiganshina Distant: 20 meters Mindset: in character Levi has his 3d gear and 4 of his normal blades plus 1 thunder spear Round 1: no berserker armor Round 2: with berserker armor Guts is physically much stronger and has long range with bows and canon but Levi has that spear and is...
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    Roger vs Akainu and Kuzan

    Location: god valley Distance: 50 meters Mindset: in character but to kill I think Roger extreme diffs maybe lower considering he treated Oden who is not far behind these guys as trash
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    Versus Battle Endeavor vs Hisoka

    Location: tokyo Distance: 20 meters R1: Bungee gum is invisible R2: Endy can see the Bungee gum R1: Endy has range and mobility and aoe but Hisoka is a lot smarter and more versatile plus faster i think he wins very high diff. R2: Endy high diffs.
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    Mcu Thanos Vs Garp

    Location: new york Speed equal R1: Thanos vs old Garp No stone R2: Thanos vs prime Garp Give thanos power stone Garp wins the first 1 mid diff Not sure about the second one
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    Theory Marineford 2.0 in the Flower capital

    I don't have any evidence to back this up this is just my headcanon but since i think it will happen i decided to write it so i can say i told you later on well then let's start: I'm part of the group that believes the raid on onigashima will fail because of these reasons 1: The alliance is not...