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  1. Balen

    General & Others Whitebeard

    Whitebeard was the coolest and strongest Emperor even when the Admirals were flexing on him he still looked cool and badass, so don't expect the other yonkos to be as badass and cool as Whitebeard, big mom looks like an idiot child, kaido looks like a drunk phsyco, and we don't know enough about...
  2. Balen

    Powers & Abilities Powerscaling

    Wouldn't it be cool if we made a thread to decide powerscaling according to some points,, For example if we powerscaled a character like Kaido (0/10) Offensive (10) Defensive (9) Dv ability (7) Haki(7) Personality (since luffy fought katakuri, personality was a deciding factory for their fight)...
  3. Balen

    Powers & Abilities Sky splitter level

    Today I watched a grandline review video and he mentioned sky splitter level, wouldn't it clear the ambiguity of power levels more?
  4. Balen

    Speculations Zoro vs vista

    It's a theory that I've been thinking about for a while What if in the end of zoro's 2 year training Vista came for a duel with mihawk and instead faced zoro, and zoro beat Vista extreme-diff which led to his eye scar, that would make his scar more meaningful The only evident i have to base my...
  5. Balen

    General & Others Ussop

    Why hasn't ussop made any real progression, he's the same coward as he was before time-skip and the only thing he learned during those 2 years was using plants to fight, the only good thing he's done after time skip was sniping suger and awakening observation haki he can't use coo at will...
  6. Balen

    General & Others What if luffy tries to kkg Kaido's balls

    It would knock kaido out for some time:myman: Kkg=king Kong gun
  7. Balen

    General & Others Big mom and Kaido's tattoo

    How did the tatoo needle penetrate their skin since their skin is impenetrable
  8. Balen

    Questions & Mysteries What about sanji's dream?

    Why doesn't he try to ask people about all blue, or look for it, he can ask robin about all blue history or ask her if she could find all blue references in poneglyphs, but he didn't even mention it post-time skip, if i remember correctly the last time he mentioned all blue was when he saw...
  9. Balen

    General & Others How many years (or months) have you been reading one piece?

    And were you hyped for every upcoming chapter or have you dropped one piece and started reading again at some point
  10. Balen

    Questions & Mysteries Is shanks really going to die?

    It seem too cliche to me, I'd like oda to throw a curveball and debunk all the theories about shanks dying:endthis::whitepress:
  11. Balen

    How can i upload an image?

    I tried a direct link from imugr and other sites but it doesn't work, it says something went wrong please contact the administrators
  12. Balen

    General & Others Would you consider dropping OP if...

    Would you consider dropping the series if luffy beat kaido in 1v1 with the power of friendship? If not what would make you drop the series?
  13. Balen

    Questions & Mysteries Why didn't nekomamushi ask shanks for help

    He should pretty much know about shanks's status and strength and yet he didn't even mention his name when he was talking about getting allies
  14. Balen

    What are bounty tags?

    bounties that appear next to the avatar, what are they and how do i get higher bounty?