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  1. Midnight Delight

    General & Others Ace shouldn't be "avenged"

    Way too often I see One Piece fans talking about Luffy or Sabo Avenging Ace by killing Akainu My issue with this concept is that is goes against what we know about The Pirate life and code in One Piece. "Avenging" Ace would be the biggest disrespect Luffy and Sabo could do to Ace. We are told...
  2. Midnight Delight

    Spoiler Kaguya=Raditz

    :milaugh: The entire Naruto manga happened because of the actions a low ranking member of a Universe wide alien race :milaugh:
  3. Midnight Delight

    Powers & Abilities How would you fix Haki?

    Haki is a controversial part of One Piece, and after recent events has become even more controversial How would you "fix" this part of the story, what about Haki that you think Oda dropped the ball on
  4. Midnight Delight

    Can we talk about Oda's fails since timeskip?

  5. Midnight Delight

    General & Others Is Pekoms a hypocrite?

    This guy walks around the New World telling entire Nations he will destroy them if they don't give Big Mom some food Then the very moment Someone goes to His Home country and does what Big Mom does all over the New World to his own people he goes "NOOOOOO, NOT THE MINKS, NOT THE HECKING GOOD...
  6. Midnight Delight

    The "Unfollow" button

    :goatasure:this button is just too easy to misclick and makes things awkward when you follow the user again At least add a "are you sure" popup :goatasure: Anything to avoid the awkwardness
  7. Midnight Delight

    Powers & Abilities Will Smoker Master His Devil fruit

    When you think about It, Smoker's Devil Fruit contradicts his fighting style more than any other character in the manga, with the Exception of Blueno He is a Brawler when his devil Fruit works best with Stealthy fighters who fight like a Viper, waiting for an opportunity to strike from any...
  8. Midnight Delight

    General & Others Why didn't Yasopp visit his son?

    When he was in the east blue why didn't he tell shanks "hey can we visit my family back there?" Or something:goatasure: Does he even know his wife is dead?:goatasure: Did he let his son be an orphan Living by himself?:goatasure: Even fucking Dragon paid his son a visit and this piece of shit is...
  9. Midnight Delight

    General & Others The Fanbase is filled with hypocrites

    You guys have been crying ever since Dressrossa about the Strawhats being neglected Now that they are finally focused on you all are crying that they are too weak to be given such focus Make up your goddamn mind already
  10. Midnight Delight

    General & Others Why didn't Jinbei's crew sink BM's ships

    At the end of Whole Cake Island when Aladdin and co attacked the Big Mom pirates, why did they try fighting them on the surface of the sea instead of drowning them like how Arlong's pirates did to the Marine ship?
  11. Midnight Delight

    General & Others Oda's biggest mistake

    What would you say was Oda's biggest mistake in the series
  12. Midnight Delight

    Allow better customisation

    In this day and age the main advantage of being a forum or message Board like this compared to social media sites or news aggregator sites like Reddit is the user customisation where the users feel just as important as the Content. Yet in this forum it feels pretty mediocre compared to say Gaia...
  13. Midnight Delight

    Questions & Mysteries Why weren't there any Fishwomen in Arlong Park?

    What the fuck was Arlong thinking, trying to colonise East Blue without bringing along any Fishwomen, does he realise that his colony was only gonna last a Generation because of that? He probably also forbade his crew from mixing with Human Women , forcing them to live an Incel lifestyle. Not...
  14. Midnight Delight

    General & Others Hypocrisy regarding Kidd's defeat

    Anyone else remember back when the entire fandom was mocking Kidd for losing for Kaido? Saying he is a failure and a joke and mocking him for thinking he could defeat Shanks? Making up all those headcanons about how his crew abandoned him which turned out to be completely false? Later on Luffy...
  15. Midnight Delight

    Future Events Will Kaido Commit Genocide?

    Given how is gonna fight against the majority of the Mink race, will Oda have him use his Fire to kill most of them? We already seen Jack try to Genocide them with Koro and they would rather die than betray Raizo, meaning that they are all willing to die fighting Kaido Does Oda have the balls...
  16. Midnight Delight

    General & Others Baroque Works Vs Donquixote Pirates

    Vs Which one did you prefer as Saga villain Group? Which had the better characters and personalities? Which had the better fights ?
  17. Midnight Delight

    Powers & Abilities Pluton

    With all the hype that Ancient Weapons got from recent chapters and from Kaido and Big Mom nevermind all the previous hype they got I wonder, how will Oda make Pluton seem even nearly as deadly as say Poseidon , a power that could sink all the islands in the world and make the entire one piece...
  18. Midnight Delight

    General & Others Why did Oda ruin Ace's design?

    Look at how much SOUL Alabasta Ace's design had :steef: He looked like your cool stoner older brother Now look at this piece of shit :whitepress: Soulless Why did Oda do this
  19. Midnight Delight

    General & Others Van Augur and Yasopp

    Some of you may not know this but Van Augur is from East Blue Why is this important? Because you know who else is from East Blue? Yasopp The two greatest snipers so far are from East Blue, this can't be a mistake, the two are definitely related
  20. Midnight Delight

    Rules Too many Featless Characters in the Battledome

    If you can look at the Battledome you would see that like 90% of the threads there are about Characters we barely know anything about, too many EoS threads, too many threads about Characters we barely have any panel of them Fighting I am not asking the mods to be strict as fuck, but It has...