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  1. ScotchInformer

    ONE PIECE Color Walk.9 "TIGER"

    One Piece Color Walk.9 "TIGER" will release on 4th September 2020.
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    ONE PIECE MAGAZINE VOL.10 (16 of September)

    It announcedthat Volume 10 of One Piece Magazine will release on 04th of September 2020. Content: Novel Ace Manga adaption by Boichi (illustrations) and Ryō Ishiyama (storyboards).
  3. ScotchInformer

    New One Piece Editor: Iwasaki Yuuji

    Oda-sensei have new Editor for One Piece and Takano Ken changed (maybe to become Media Editor), The New editor is "岩崎 湧治/Iwasaki Yuuji". Also 4 editors in total (including Media Editors). Iwasaki Yuuji appeared with Editors recently, Also clear Picture for him:
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    News Volume 97 coming on September 2020

    The Volume will release on 04 of Sep 2020! Release Date maybe will change due to Covid-19.
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    One Piece has Crossed 470M in Circulation Worldwide!

    One Piece Officially crossed 470 million with Volume 96 !!
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    News Volume 96 coming on April 2020

    It will release on 3rd of April!
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    Eiichiro Oda Draws Luffy for English Shonen Jump Members !!

    Amazing illustration by Oda
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    JUMP FESTA 20 Will Be Held on Dec 21-22 2019!

    They just announce for JF 20 !! All VAs except Cho!!!
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    News One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 PV2

    Wano Country Arc with new Original Story by Studio:
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    General Anime Thread

    Thread for everything about One Piece Anime ~~ Episode 902: " Yokozuna Appears: invincible Urashima aims for Okiku ! "