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    General & Others How Shanks stopped Kaido

    For a long time, people have been questioning how Shanks stopped Kaido when the latter tried to attack WB during the summit war. I think the recent fight between Big Mom and Kaido provides enough hints that Shanks probably stopped Kaido by martial might. Big Mom and Kaido fought for 2 days...
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    Mihawk bounty speculation (vs BB bounty Bet thread)

    Hawkchan deserves his own thread for bounty speculation. Anyways I'm curious to see how many of his fans think he will have a higher bounty than yonko BB.
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    General & Others Oden's second sword: Ame-No-Habakiri

    There is some serious hype behind this sword that was bestowed to momo. From Japanese loe, it is said to be one of Susanoo' sword that he used to slay the Yama-no-orochi monster. Could Oda be hinting at Shogun Orochi dying at the blade of this sword? What grade do you think this blade falls...
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    New Here

    I wanna know what happened to my ealier account. It's not nice to just up and delete a brother's account. Anyways I hope you won't be deleting this one as well. Arigathanks