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    Questions & Mysteries Will Zoro’s connection to Ryuma be relevant this arc?

    Zoro will do a yamato and start calling himself Ryuma. His fans would rejoice
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    Chapter Discussion Will Sanji reach the top?

    The funny part is Sanji is not too motivated to going to the roof top and fight Kaido. He seems to want to clear a path for Luffy. Jinbei on the other hand seems to expect Sanji to be involved in the Kaido fight. Right now both options are open. Personally as a Sanji fan I'm not too invested in...
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    Powers & Abilities EoS Zoro CoO > EoS Sanji CoO?

    Dude probably got banned for making trash threads like this one :doffytroll:
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    General & Others Ace shouldn't be "avenged"

    Akainu is a dick, he will for sure trash talk Ace and WB in that fight (either vs Luffy or Sabo) and escalate the fight into a vengeance driven duel. He just can't help himself.
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    Is Kouyoku gonna take a general's head?

    The current chapter pretty much cements Kouyoku vs Rabinhaku. Could be an interesting duel but still not much compared to Shin vs Houken or even Rinko.
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    I actually think it's okay. You have to understand most of the Generals present hear are martial beast and they are not necessarily under the direct command of Jukou or Homei (grand strategist who may take things slow). I always thought Man u Mobu, the obnoxious young general with a sword etc...
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    Questions & Mysteries Would Chopper’s kid be a reindeer or a human?

    What if he gets down and dirty with the mink chic he was eyeballing in Zou, or even carrot :choppawhat:
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    Speculations Who is immune to Boa Hancock's beauty ?

    You clad your nether regions in haki to prevent them from going beserk. Plus even if you are immune to the lust, her attacks will still petrify your body parts when she gets a clean hit (which is must, you can't dodge or block every hit with haki in a high level fight). It's like thinking you...
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    Versus Battle Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones) vs Boromir (LOTR)

    This is an interesting one. While Jaime is/was an asshat he still a pretty competent Swordsman. One of the best before he lost his arm. Boromir though is still a great fighter. I can see him just barely getting the win given he was capable of taking out a platoon or two of orks. That was a crazy...
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    Who will kick One Piece from Top 3 position next year?

    The anime is pretty faithful and the final season is coming out in a month. It might be better for you to binge it then decide afterwards if you wanna read it. I have read the manga upto the point where the final arc begins. I wanna enjoy the final season of anime without spoilers.
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    Who will kick One Piece from Top 3 position next year?

    Kingdom tops the charts and they don't even have an English or French translation. Talk about kicking ass :endthis:
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    Questions & Mysteries What happaned if Garde Little Brogy and Dorry was Kaido and Big Mom?

    Big mom and Kaido clashes would no doubt be charged with CoC. He would faint every damn time the two clashed if he's Lucky. If he's unlucky the impact of their clashes would knock him outta the island and into the ocean.
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    Versus Battle Mihawk vs Byakuya (Bleach)

    It's only canon in the parts where Mihawk looks good :goyea:
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    Versus Battle Mihawk vs Byakuya (Bleach)

    I consider him high tier in his verse. We have the god tiers (ichigo ywatch etc) top tiers (Zaraki, the old man grand captain, aizen etc) then now the high tiers which comprises most of the other captains. Still even the regular captains would be god among men in one piece.
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    Versus Battle Mihawk vs Byakuya (Bleach)

    Bleach high tiers are a class above one piece in betweeners. Byakuya stomps.
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    Kingdom best panels

    This was some top shelf moment. The worst part is the current season of the anime stopped at around this time.
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    Wtf Moubu...He got slammed on his ass. This is such an embarasment to Qins first Great General of the new Era.
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    Chapter Discussion Ace Manga - Chapter 1 (Discussion)

    They anime should take a break after Wano and do a filler arc exclusively on the Ace novel.
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    Current Events Is Toei right or is Toei wrong (Sanji vs Drake and P1)

    Zoro fans have been pushing the first narrative as true. Guess we will have to push the second narrative real hard.