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    Questions & Mysteries will fujitora vs luffy still happen?

    We know that akainu gave fujitora the mission to capture luffy and law, he can't step foot on any marine base until then. fujitoraa was also focused on warlords system removal an dsince that is done and out of the way, will he make luffy's capture his new goal? or will this plot be forgotten and...
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    Questions & Mysteries Could you become pirate king the Usopp way?

    usopp suggested you can just sneak up to steal poneglyhps copies like how brook did it and no need to fight the yonkous. can you become pk that way?
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    Character Discussion Supernovas should have been more strict with who they pick in their crew?

    Luffy picked only the best of the best, in comparison the supernovas captains have only fodders in their crews, BB didn't go the luffy way searching everywhere, but he did have a good plan and picked his crew from the most dangerous level in impel down. The other supernovas didn't seem to have...
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    Questions & Mysteries Weevil will be the greatest rival of Luffy?

    WE know about eustass, BB, law. but everyone ignoring someone that is just like luffy and would mirror roger vs wb his greatest rival. luffy is the new roger, weevil is the new wb. both weevil and luffy look funny, dumber then life. weevil was said to have strength of young wb, as in worlds...
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    Questions & Mysteries What is blackbeard after?

    they are hunting fruits, burgess unted down mera mera no mi, shilliew then got invisibility. now after reverie blackbeard left and said he will not allow it/him to fall in WG0s hands. reverie result was warlords removal and sabo captured something now based on them, hunting fruits they must be...
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    Powers & Abilities Let's make something clear... Queen is stronger then King

    King is bird, so he is stronger in air combat, but brachiosaurus is stronger and on land he wins. even jack is stronger on land combat then king.
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    Questions & Mysteries king and queen are not 1vs1 battles....

    marco & sanji vs king, sky battle, drake and zoro vs queen, dino swordman battle on ground? there is no way any of drake, sanji, zoro, marco can beat them 1vs1 fast, only after some luffy vs katakuri like battle they have no time for in a war.
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    Questions & Mysteries Does bm clowning around remove the thread level of yonkous?

    luffy's battle with kaidou, his crew does way better then luffy with yonkou, proofing once again that luffy is overrated, and yonkous are overrated. and it's not just bm, kaidou got pierced by ''talking with farts'' kinemon, raizou, o-kiku that got bullied by that sumo guy.
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    Questions & Mysteries The ancient giants from the ancient kingdom

    We have 3 failed ones from 989, kaidou that seems to be half ancient giants based on horns and hair, but small size compared to them, yamato is half too based on daddy kaidou, oars that could be as old as 1000 years, oars junior his son that if elbaf giant live for 350 years, oars junior could...
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    the raid suit is as hard a jozu or better?

    raid suit tanked that king attack that was point blank, how hard is it. aleady seems harder then kaidou that got pierced by kinemon and raizou, maybe on par with jozu and bm?
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    Questions & Mysteries WHY IS KING IS NOT A SWORDMAN

    zoro and mihawk deflected bullets easily, yet king got his sword shot out of gis hand
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    Questions & Mysteries Why king and flying 6 still have no bounties

    Kaidou bounty and bm reveal back in legends chapter, queen back in udon, jack in zou but why no king? what is oda saving it for? and flying 6 too, altrough they got introduced late but war started, oda waiting for them to get defeated before revealing or what
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    Questions & Mysteries Yonkous are not as strong as people made them out to be?

    Don't get me wrong, they are good, but admirals never got hurt, yet yonkous get humiliated every chance they get. Laidou with scabbards, big mom kicked down by king and by jimbei, shankas lost his arm to lord of the coast, wb in war.
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    Versus Battle Sanji vs ironman/ black panther

    From comics, and 1vs1, not at same time.
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    Questions & Mysteries Was Kaidou stupid enough not to use haki?

    So first kaido was with orochi for 25 years, orochi even transforming in public in his snake mode. Yet you think kaidou was dumb enough not to use haki on that cut, because the blade didn't go black. like it's a given that a mythical oans that are the most rare fruits and best zoans would need...
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    Speculations Yamato and Luffy will team up to beat Kaidou

    I think we just got introduced to how luffy will beat kaidou. Kaidou's weakness, if you will, his son. He seems to mirror oden, the rebel son, and he is already friend and waiting for luffy, and strong enough to 1 shot a flying 6, and all 6 are send after him, giving you even the right to...
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    Questions & Mysteries did bb recruit wb pirates?

    we know bb had his war with wb pirates, what if after marco and co lost, one of the former mates of bb decided to join him and now he is the secret 10th commander, like jozu or vista, or one of the 16 commanders, or one of the allied captains
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    Questions & Mysteries Did Marco showing up changes your match ups this arc?

    So is Marco going to take on king, ruining the previous headcannons about calamities vs SHs, Like Marco vs king seems more fitting then luffy vs kaidou, both yc1, both fire birds, both kicking BM ship down the waterfall
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    Questions & Mysteries Will that bastard monkey steal sanji's final match in the manga?

    Ever since kizaru was introduced, he felt like the perfect final battle for sanji. Light kicks, speed, commading army of science based pacifistas like Sora the naval hero from the comics of germa. But that bastard luffy is known to steal every major fight even if other have more reasons to...
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    Zoro and luffy vs jimbei and sanji.

    Location: dressrosa arena coliseum