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    Powers & Abilities What if Big Mom gets infected by the Ice Demon?

    As chapter already out, I'll respond to this thread. Q: What if Big Mom gets infected by the Ice Demon? A: She will be fine as long as she has Prometheus. Even when she doesn't has Prometheus around her, imho, generating fire-like creature is easy for her.
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    Powers & Abilities What if Big Mom gets infected by the Ice Demon?

    Imho, this week spoiler have an answer to this question. May response later after the chapter is out :funky:
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    Dragon Ball Super - Chapter 66: Moro, Consumer of Worlds

    Dragon Ball Super - Chapter 66 Title: Moro, Consumer of Worlds Support Dragon Ball Super by subscribing to the new all access Shonen Jump released by VIZ. Read Chapter Online @Bogard @RayanOO @Buusatan94 @Finalbeta @TheAncientCenturion @Jew D...
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    Questions & Mysteries If Onigashima has been labeled as "the island of the strongest"..

    Did you mean Baltigo? Revolutionaries' previous base
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    Character Discussion Queen and Judge

    I'm almost certain he has connection to Vegapunk too Either as a fellow researcher or a testing rabbit lol He might be the one behind Kaido's access to Numbers in Punk Hazard
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    Powers & Abilities Characters strength and peak in relation to their age

    Surely age has relationship with strength. But I don't think it is a rigid relationship. How age take effect to strength are different for each individual. Some people has early peak while the others are late bloomer, even in OP world.
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    Future Events What would be the best final fight for Jinbe?

    Tbh, on paper, this could be too much for him right now. But who knows. I agree. Story and relational wise, Jinbe is fit to face evil WG representative.
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    Speculations Would Wano's borders already have been opened if Oden accepted Rayleigh's help?

    Imho, the question is not about whether Ray-Oden partnership would topple Kaido and Orochi. It's very certain they would!! The question is whether political situation will be conducive after that. With Orochi's propaganda and now Oden bring outsider to cause a war in Wano, it is not as easy as...
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    Questions & Mysteries Law is a member of Sword

    Law literally said: If letting me escape is part of some grand plan of YOURS, then I will go along with it. It clearly implies that Law isn't part of Drake's SWORD.
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    Questions & Mysteries Law is a member of Sword

    Imho, this panel alone will give a huge objection to the theory that Law is SWORD member
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    Chapter Discussion Dragon Ball Super - Chapter 65: Son Goku, Earthling

    TRASH WRITING AT IT FULLEST!! Even if Vegeta manage to split Moro in the next chapter, Goku's decision in this manga is really a trash writing. -5/5 *Speechless*
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    Thanks for the follow. Here take my follow back 😊

    Thanks for the follow. Here take my follow back 😊
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 993 Spoilers Discussion

    Lol. Tbh, the other one is a great athlete too :ronalaugh: Anw, if Kaido really cut Kiku's arm, then, it'll escalate the tension and we may one step closer to the tragedy that supposed to happen in 'act 3'
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 993 Spoilers Discussion

    Or Ronaldo Phenomeno who won FIFA World Best Player at 20 yo. 😂
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    Speculations What Black Maria is actually doing

    Tbh, this is a good theory and seems reasonable. But with all respect, I don't see it will be true. Scabbards are at the pinnacle and represent samurais power and pride. That's why I see Oda make them hurt Kaido here and there, to show us that the power of the samurais couldn't be...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers Discussion

    No poll in this thread like we have in 1 or 2 months ago?
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    Questions & Mysteries What is blackbeard after?

    Isn't thread like this exist before? 🤔 I find one just by typing "Blackbeard" as thread title:
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    Powers & Abilities Composite Golden Cell

    For me, golden form was an asspull to bring back old famous villain. It is like giving free ticket to villain so they could catch up to protagonist years of progress. :whitepress: So, how strong Golden Cell would be? Imho, it will be as strong if not slightly stronger than Goku or Vegeta in the...