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  1. KiriNigiri

    Speculations Will Mt. Fuji come into play?

    We've now explored every major region/area of Wano apart from Mt. Fuji. Given the real world counterpart's landmark status and the historical significance, I don't see Oda passing up doing something with it. Right now, Onigashima is hurling towards the Capital, which is stationed almost right...
  2. KiriNigiri

    Questions & Mysteries The Possible Meaning Behind Black Maria's Song

    In 992, Black Maria proceeded to play a song that mentioned two people wishing to unite, but unable due to circumstances. To start off, I believe there are only two pairs who fit the meaning behind her song. The first being Momonosuke and Hiyori. Momo/Hiyori Since the beginning stages of...
  3. KiriNigiri

    Current Events Beast Pirates Hierarchy

    ---INTRODUCTION--- I'd like to bring forth how I think Kaido's/Beast Pirates crew works, and this page helped lead to my conclusion- Better translations should clarify the meaning of the highlight text bubble, but Haccha's, the Number 8 of the Numbers, actions of nabbing the Supernova, per...
  4. KiriNigiri

    General & Others What moment in One Piece made you feel strongest?

    Kind of a derivative of this thread - But what moment gave you the most intense instance of emotion or the strongest reaction? It doesn't have to be limited to one emotion. Positive ones...
  5. KiriNigiri

    Future Events Why Zoro and Sanji will face Calamities

    Preamble We're roughly 70 chapters deep into Wano, and the fighting portion of the arc has now commenced. Many believe this will be Zoro's and Sanji's opportunity to finally show what they are made of. I will be breaking down some points as to why they will and should fight Calamities in this...
  6. KiriNigiri

    Future Events Zoro vs Orochi - The Unfated Showdown

    Intro Ever since the "Shogun of Wano" has been named dropped, Zoro's name has circled this topic. One which began with Zoro fans thunderously championing a matchup, to downright loathing it once we got our formal introduction to the "irreverent" Kurozumi Orochi. However, due to some latest...
  7. KiriNigiri

    General & Others Kin'emon Appreciation Thread (Minor Tsuru Appreciation)

    Everyone has been talking about Oden, and rightfully so to an extent, however, lets talk about someone who's been generally overlooked in all these matters. Kin'emon was introduced as nothing more than an urchin for the Yakuza. He had no goals or motivation outside of being a two-bit thug...
  8. KiriNigiri

    General & Others Pirates/Marines

    One of my favorite components in the series, is the dichotomy between Pirates and Marines. Chaos and Order. The story seems to be leading in a direction that tries to find the right balance between the two extremes, and along the way, we've contrasting figures for them. Pirates Luffy-Teach...
  9. KiriNigiri

    Manga Discussion Yu Yu Hakusho

    Come here if you're interested in discussing all things Yu Yu Hakusho, from the anime, manga, and other miscellaneous materials. -Favorite character -Arc -Fight -Villain
  10. KiriNigiri

    Fanclub The Persevering Wings: Captain Glasses Tashigi

    Welcome to the club of the notable female captain of the Marines. The Tashigi Fan Club Tashigi is the current Captain of the G-5 branch of the Marines, and right hand woman to Vice Admiral Smoker. A skilled swordswoman, her dream is to reclaim all the meito, famous swords, from unworthy...
  11. KiriNigiri

    Fate of Zoro's swords Bet Thread

    More precisely, will Zoro's swords always remain in proper condition moving forward? So no breaking, damage, or even nicks. Losers wears an avi of the Winners' choice. 1. Zoro's swords will remain in pristine condition 2. Zoro's swords will be damaged in some way
  12. KiriNigiri

    Kid Zoro vs Orochi

    Can Zoro during his formative years at the Isshin Dojo defeat Orochi in both of his forms? VS Scenarios 1. Kid Zoro with 2 unnamed katanas vs Orochi in his human form using his unnamed katana 2. Kid Zoro with Enma and Ame No Habakiri vs Orochi in his Yamato-No-Orochi form For scenario...
  13. KiriNigiri

    Hello! Don't Be Fool By The Username. This Is Zoro Compass.

    Had a bit of a problem activating my account on the first try. Like the layout. Looking forward to the time here, though I don't know how active I'll be. Anyway, Zoro solos. :catrude: